Friday, February 27, 2009


The mean ol' scale says I've lost another half pound this morning. I guess it didn't get the note that I've learned patience. It actually seems that the stall is really over, but if things continue to go slow, I'll continue to adjust and slowly persevere. I can already envision myself without a weight problem, so that's another log for the motivation fire I suppose.

I saw an Old Navy ad while watching Hell's Kitchen last night. Old Navy is a great place to get 5 times the amount of summer clothing than a person can get elsewhere, if you aren't fat. I just thought to myself that it won't be too long before I'm able to buy things off the shelf at Old Navy. Since I love buying clothes, and since money is so super tight, that makes me happy. :) Thirteen and a half more pounds lost should get me into those size 16 jeans again.

Breakfast - 4carb/200cal
[4 carb][200 cal] peanut butter

Lunch - 25carb/401cal
[15 carb][ 130 cal] Kelloggs FiberPlus Antioxidants bar
[0 carb][131 cal] tuna
[10 carbs][140 cal] 2 Lindt Lindor Truffles (60% Extra Dark)

Dinner - 12carb/540cal
[8carb][70cal] broccoli baked Margie style (so good!!!)
[0carb][270cal] turkey breast
[4 carb][200 cal] peanut butter

TOTAL 41carb/1141cal


  1. It's great that you're feeling encouraged and hopeful for the future. I know you'll get there and it'll be oh so sweet when you do.

    Look out Old Navy! Here comes Oct!

    Good job on making it to the weekend! :)

  2. glad you are motivated. the missus LIVES at Old Navy...careful what you wish for...

  3. The weekend is here ... now if I could just get next week out of my head. If I wasn't on a budget I'd go drown my stress at Old Navy. :)


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