Friday, February 20, 2009

I thought for sure that I was going to have lost another pound this morning, but no. Maybe tomorrow. :/ I was so sure that I was excited to get up. It was sort of like waking up to the thought that it's Saturday and then realizing it's only Friday! boo. Good thing I generally like Fridays. (But I don't like not having lost that pound!

Today is the chili judging. I might skip going ... but I won't know how the day is going to shake out until it gets a little farther along. If I can't skip it I'll just be a good judge and do the best I can regarding the diet (yeah I know its not a diet, but that is just easier to type sometimes).

Update on the chili judging ... there wasn't space in the car for 6 people so I bowed out. :) Now at least I don't have to worry about how the counts might have put me over budget. I'm a little sad to be missing out on the experience, but maybe that pound will reward me by vacating!

Breakfast - 10carb/260cal
[4 carb][200 cal] 2 TBSP peanut butter
[6 carb][60 cal] dark chocolate

Lunch - 26carb/230cal
[11 carb][100 cal] Peanut Butter wafer
[ 15 carb][ 130 cal] 1/2 Kelloggs FiberPlus Antioxidants bar

Dinner - 8carb/270cal
[8carb][70cal] broccoli baked Margie style (so good!!!)
[0carb][270cal] turkey breast

TOTAL 44carb/760cal


  1. I feel your disappointment, but hey, it'll come off if you keep up the good work. Hang in there.

  2. Thanks for the good word Deborah.

  3. The scale is just giving you clues (or being a jerk - one or the other). Hopefully, it'll give you some encouraging information soon. If not, you'll learn from it. That's the worst case scenario.

    Trust that you're going to get closer and closer to your goal. You've got the determination and the smarts to get you there. :)

  4. Isnt' Marjie's broccoli the best?
    I hope that lb will whoosh away in the morning.

    And about that chili judging, it may be a good thing! no heartburn, no going over calories/carbs, no... well, I'll leave that alone!

  5. Harry - the scale is being a jerk! :) But I'm not giving up so it has to get tired of this game at some point. Aww, ty for the compliments. I have determination, but not so sure if I'm smarter than my stubborn fat.

    Sadekat - Marjie's broccoli is awesome! I've never liked broccoli much, but now I think it's my second favorite veg, right after brussels sprouts! You're right about my missing out on the chili judging being a good thing. I had a good excuse (no more room in the car) and I happily ate the lunch I had counted out and brought with me without guilt at all. And no stinkies, lol.


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