Monday, February 9, 2009

It's a new dawn, a new day ...

ALL the EATs and DRINKs:
[2 carbs][190 cal] LC Slim Fast
[1.5 carb][60 cal] 1.5 scoops of chocolate protein powder
[2 carbs][170 cal] 1oz almonds
[1 carb][140 cal] 1oz cheddar
[4 carbs][350 cal] LC chocolate cheesecake
[2 carbs][200 cal] 2oz cream cheese
[0 carbs][80 cal] pork rinds

For dinner, probably this:
[0 carbs][500 calories] roast beef
[2.5 carbs][8 calories] 8 radishes
[1 carb][7 calories] small amount of onion

diet drinks:
(2) 12oz Diet Rite PURE ZERO tangerine (sweetened with Splenda)
(4) 12oz Diet BIG RED (sweetened with Splenda)
TOTAL 16 carbs & 1705 calories

I find counting calories to be so unnatural to me. With my low carb way of eating I haven't really been concerned with calories. In fact, many of the lowest carb foods are the highest in calories, so I'm rather hungry today after trying to keep the calories lower per day while keeping the carbs to 20ish. I hope this helps to break the stall because if it doesn't I'll be looking for a more simple solution. :)


  1. I hope this dietary modification helps kick start things back up for you, Oct.

    I'm sure there's a good solution out there to help you reach your goal. Here's hoping this is just the ticket. :)

  2. The scale isn't moving yet, but I feel like it's going to soon. Thanks for the pep talk Harry. Gratefully received!


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