Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday again.

Here is a quick pep talk for those of you who need it. If your day is stressful like mine started out to be, close your eyes for a moment and take a few deep breaths. I did this multiple times this morning and I didn't react too fast to the load of stress that I'm feeling. I didn't allow it to overwhelm me and make me break down. Instead I wrote "MONDAY" on a notebook page and proceeded to go through all of the things due this week and focused just on what I needed to accomplish today to keep things moving. By the time I was finished with my list I was feeling more in control and was able to let those things that weren't listed on MONDAY slide to the back of my mind for now. For now I will worry about MONDAY and knowing that I'll get through today productively. Tomorrow's list will wait until tomorrow gets here.

I feel less stressed even though I'm balancing atop a mountain of work. All it took was a few deep breaths, breaking it down into today's goals, and not worrying about tomorrow's list. We'll see how long the stress is kept at bay. :)

You guys are important to me. You keep me motivated even though the scale isn't moving. You keep me inspired. And most importantly you give me the sense that I'm not alone in this. We all are making our lives better, healthier and more enjoyable. Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me be a part if these struggles with you!

Breakfast 4carb/200cal
[4carb][200cal] LC PB

Lunch - 21carb/551cal
I am bringing:
[2carb][440cal] 2oz macadamias
[6carb][252cal] 2 LC peach muffin
[1carb][120cal] 2 slices cheddar
[7 carb][60 cal] sugarfree chocolate pudding with xylitol

Dinner - 21carb/268.5cal
I plan to have:
[21carb][268.5cal] 1.5 cup of Cro's veggy beef soup

TOTAL 41carb/1340cal

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