Sunday, February 8, 2009

My friends are losers! :)

I have been able to use the elliptical again without falling over from weak legs and lack of balance. If this continues then I'm going to say for sure (at least in my own mind) that the last MS exacerbation was due more to the aspartame being reintroduced into my diet than the MS itself. You have no idea how happy I am to be able to use the elliptical again. :) I'm not as strong as "normal" people, but Cro says that even if I can work up to using it 10 or 15 minutes 3 times a week will make a huge difference. I think I'm at about 5 minutes right now ... but hey, that's a start.

Inspired by Chai's recent success in limiting calories and working out to burn some, I am going to start keeping track of calories just to see what I'm actually consuming. We'll leave limiting calories for a next step if they are too many, but for now I just want to actually be aware of how many I'm consuming. Chai seems to have upped her carbs a little and is limiting calories more stictly along with exercising. And it broke her stall! I want to find out what is going into my body and perhaps follow suit.

And, since Sadekat threw down the gaunlet, I suppose I'll count how many diet drinks I'm having every day. It's going to be a shocking amount, but I dumped aspartame like a no good boyfriend so I feel good about what I'm currently consuming.

Sadekat, regarding tastes while cooking, when that happens I just add it to my serving for the meal. I try to only taste from my own portion or I'll give myself a smaller portion at mealtime to take into account the taste. I count everything because otherwise I'll not be able to go back and see what I ate when it was working. That does bring up something that I wanted to mention. I reviewed my beginning entries yesterday and notice that I even counted a slice of cheese as .5 carbs, though that serving size on the package says 0 carbs. I know that 2 slices add up to 1 carb, so I used to count a single slice as .5. Somewhere along the way I stopped counting a single slice of cheese as anything. I will be counting them as .5 from now on. Also, I used to count sugar alcohol as carbs. I still do that, but since I avoid most things with sugar alcohols it doesn't come up much. However! My LC ice cream contains sugar alcohols. I am going to start adding those back to the total (I forgot because the front of the package says "4 carbs" ... but flip it over and I think it's more like 10 (adding the sugar alcohol back in). I think that may be the source of my stall. Erythritol is my acception. Everything I've read says to count that one as zero because it really does not effect blood sugar. So I'll call that one zero, but I'll keep my eye on it.

ALL the EATs and DRINKs:
[4carbs][350 cal] LC chocolate cheesecake (I made it myself! Recipe is in the post below ... I even worked out the carbs AND calories for you all)
I'm really craving jalapeños for some reason. I think it's Harry's fault! haha
[3 carbs][ 450 calories] 4 kosher beef franks
[1 carb][140 calories] 2 slices of cheddar
[2 carbs][15 calories] 1/4 cup diced red onion
[4 carbs][350 cal] LC chocolate cheesecake
[0 carbs][500 calories] roast beef
[2.5 carbs][8 calories] 8 radishes
[1 carb][7 calories] small amount of onion

diet drinks:
2 12oz Diet Rite PURE ZERO tangerine (sweetened with Splenda)
3 12oz Diet BIG RED (sweetened with Splenda)
TOTAL 17.5 carbs & 1820 calories

Finding and adding up all of those calories was work! But I'm happy to have an idea of what the calories were ... it actually made me stop even though I still have a few carbs left to spend. Considering that the online calculator says I need to eat 1550 or less per day to lose weight, I think I did very well. I used the elliptical multiple times today and so I can almost bet that I burned 300 calories via exercise. It was a good and eye-opening day, even if it was a hassle to do all of the counting.


  1. Good luck!!

    I am SO glad I found something to break my stall. I know the quick losing will fizzle out... but the fact that I am down 6lbs in the past 5 days is SOO encouraging. Counting calories and carbs is a little time consuming, but absolutely worth it so far.

  2. Thanks Chai. I hope that paying more attention to the calories on top of low carb might break my stall too! You've done so fabulously!!!

  3. Thank you!!

    Also, amazing job burning 300 calories on your workouts! I never knew just how hard it was to burn calories during exercise, but now that I have this fancy heart rate monitor, it really put me in line! :-)


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