Thursday, February 5, 2009

Odd bits of this and that

First of all, my eye, specifically the eyelashes in the outer corner of my left eye, was extremely irritated yesterday. It felt like an eyelash was growing in the inner rim rather than where it was supposed to grow. After a completely miserable day of rubbing it endlessly I got home and broke out the tweezers. I think I've tweezed every eyelash around the outer third of my left eye, upper and lower lid, in an attempt to find the one that was causing such irritation. After spending half an hour doing this I gave up and complained to Cro that I just couldn't find it! He offered his mini-flashlight and so I enthusiastically resumed my tweezing efforts. Finally I got it!!! At least it didn't hurt any longer. I took Cro's flashlight back to him, sporting my new Clockwork Orange look. Eep. I spent a good while this morning trying to hide my lashlessness with eye shadow and eyeliner. Pfft.

Second, I found out yesterday via Facebook that my cousin (yes, that one!) is getting married in the spring. Woot! I am actually looking forward to his wedding for a couple of reasons. Because he is one of my very favorite cousins!!! And because I've lost enough weight to wear a dress and not look terrible. :)

Another, I took a couple of St. Johns Wort this morning. I used to take anti-depressants that where prescribed along with my MS medication. I found that they were horrible to get off of, and I didn't need them. In planning for no needing them I bought a couple of bottles of St. John's Wort then later decided not to open the bottles because I read that St. John's could actually make a person feel more depressed when they went off of it. Forgetting this and being curious about whether it would lighten my mood (curious regarding whether or not my mood was ok or if it was lower than it should be) I took a couple this morning. I'm happy to report that I still don't feel any different and therefore conclude that I don't need artificial mood lifting pills. I really hate taking stuff (don't trust much) other than ibuprofen. I don't even take Copaxone any longer (MS med) ... long story and very rare bad reaction that scared the bejesus out of Cro when it happened to me. Basically racing heart accompanied by severe immobilizing chills and labored breathing. If you have MS and want more details on my experience, just say so ... I figure most people are here for LC and I'm too freakily healthy to be of interest otherwise. :D

What else, hmm. Oh, tomorrow is Friday! Not having much selection for lunch today I made a toasted cheese sandwhich on LC bread. I'm looking forward to lunch. For some odd reason I sprinkled cinnamon and sweetener on the bread and it came out sort of good last time so, hope it does today too! I used bitter stevia so it might not be good. I'll find out in about an hour.

Oooh, and Hell's Kitchen is on tonight. Which reminds me! One of our clients is a higher education chef academy. They asked if everyone at our company would do them the honor of judging a chili contest that their students will be having on Feb 20th. I guess that will be a planned cheat day because I'm heavily envolved in the design of that client's projects and don't want to turn them down. Now I have to do my damnedest to lose another 10 pounds despite the cheat day, and despite this stall, before spring!!!

I'm always impressed when I see people fish out hidden carbs by adding up the calories ... so here's my first attempt at fishing out hidden carbs in the spicy pork rinds I had at lunch.

80 calories, 5 fat, 8 protein, 0 carbs for the whole bag (I ate the whole bag).
[ fat = 9 calories per gram ]
[ carbs = 4 calories per gram ]
[ protein = 4 calories per gram ]
So 5 grams of fat and 8 grams of protein equals 77 calories. Leaving 3 calories unaccounted for! That must be uncounted carbs. Carb count for the whole bag therefore is .75 ... which is enough to go ahead and call it one carb, in my opinion! Cool, I found it. :D

[ 4g ] chocolate muffin
Half of a toasted cheese:
[ 5g ] one slice of LC bread
[ 1g ] cheddar cheese
[ 1g ] spicy pork rinds (hot hot!)
[ 1g ] almonds
[ 3g ] mushroom cap
[ 3g ] beef and cheese mixture
[ 5g ] LC ice cream
TOTAL 23 carbs


  1. We just had a chili competition at my office, too! You don't have to make it a cheat! The good thing about chili, is that you only need one spoonful to really taste it. So, eat one spoonful of each, maneuver around the beans the best you can. And you'll be fine! I ended up still within my carb limit on chili day! you can too!

    mmm, now i'm hungry! :-)

  2. Very cool. :) Now I'm actually looking forward to it without guilt. I love chili! The hotter the better.

  3. Ohhh you and I are telepathically connected....creepy! I was just thinking about hidden carbs today and if I wanted to try to calculate them, or just go by nutrition labels. I decided to keep with the nutrition labels unless I am really suspicious.

  4. A chili cookoff? How cool is that?!

    The closest thing we had, at my last job, was "Bagel Friday"! Perfect, eh? :-)

    Hope you have a splendid Friday!

  5. Sadekat - Cro and I used to play this "remote viewing" game over the phone when we were long-distance dating a few years ago. I freaked him out with uncanny accuracy sometimes. Like I asked him to focus on something near his desk (I'd never been to nor seen his house). Then I would I start to describe impressions of what I thought he was focusing on. One time I described something flat, rectagular like a magazine but not a magazine, shiny surface with a few words and a picture of a snake on the front, white on the back. He was actually focusing on a report of a rattlesnake field study that he had composed. It was inside a clear plastic protective cover. That blew his mind and freaked me out too. The other time I described something circular, flat and that had his name written on it. He couldn't find what it would be until he picked up a cd, telling me that no, it didn't have his name on it. I asked if he was sure and to look at it all over ... then he freaked and said he turned it over and he had written his name with a thick marker on the back. That creeped us both out and yet it was very cool! And I've not been able to successfully play that game since he moved here, lol. I guess I was either having lucky guesses or my psychic powers are not near-sighted. :P

    Anyway, that was a tangent :) I don't think I'll do math to find hidden carbs in everything. I'm not that concerned about the tiny bits ... but I was curious to see if I could do it. Now that I have that skill I'll just use it when I'm suspicious too.

    Harry - we seem to have bagel and cake and chips and all sorts of illegal-for-LC treats (crap) in the darned kitchen all the time. Nothing really bothers me about it anymore except seeing the cake. It's a true exercise in restraint. I think I'm a master at "no thanks" by now.

    Have a great Friday too! I'm working from home today ... my eye is icky and swollen. I guess it was an ingrown eyelash that was bugging me. I read about it this morning and the articles all say "don't touch it nor try pulling it!". Oops. Yeah, don't do that or it will get infected.

  6. Hope your eye gets better quick. Go to the doctor if you need to.


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