Monday, February 2, 2009

Say hello to my little friend

... my ice maker!

This little guy was an anniversary gift from Cro last year. I used to love to crunch ice, so much so that I would ask for just a cup of ice if he were going to pick up food. I especially loved "Sonic" ice ... which are those little pellet form ice cubes. Well, I don't crunch ice obsessively any more, but my little ice maker keeps a fresh supply of cubes on hand at all times. I love it.

Sadekat has been posting some great looking shake recipes, and knowing that I love ice cream and peanut butter she suggested that I give the shakes a try. I can't wait to find and dust off my old blender and do just that!


  1. I love sonic ice too. If sonic wasn't all the way across the city I'd drive over and get some. Maybe on the way home from work tomorrow.

  2. i don't even think we have a Sonic in Indy ... at least not on the north side. Arby's uses the same type of pellet ice though. I haven't been there in ages. Oh, and BP (AM PM, whatever they are called now) gas station/convenience store also has Sonic ice. Not been inside one of those since last summer since it's no longer on my way to work.


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