Sunday, February 15, 2009

STALL! I'm going to get you!

When the stall comes tumbling down
When the stall comes crumbling crumbling
When the stall comes tumbling tumbling down
*Sorry John Mellancamp, I couldn't resist.

I have indication that the stall might be crumbling! I lost half a pound this morning. I try not to get excited about halves, but since it's been a good while, yes I'm happy to see this indication of something starting to give.

Today is the last day of Sadekat's write down EVERYTHING you consume challenge. I actually think I will continue with this, other than the diet drinks which are 0 carbs/0 cal anyway. Counting carbs AND calories seems to be the battering ram that I needed, and as I modify to add a bit more carbs next week I need to document it carefully so I'll know what to do/not to do in the future.

I woke up at 4:45 this morning awake as can be. I got up because Sunday's go too fast and I want any little extra bit I can have. :)

ALL the EATs and DRINKs:
[3 carb][200 cal] 2 TBSP LC peanut butter
[10 carbs][140 cal] 2 Lindt Lindor Truffle (60% Extra Dark)
[2 carb][15 cal] chili peppers (1.5 stuffed anaheim and ...
[1 carb][7.5 cal] chili peppers (... some diced red chili pepper
[1.5 carb][247.5 cal] .75 cup cheese (shredded Mexican blend)
[1.5 carb][150 cal] 1.5 oz cream cheese
[0 carb][210 cal] 6 oz lean ground beef

diet drinks:
(2) 12oz Diet Rite PURE ZERO tangerine (sweetened with Splenda)
(1) 12oz Diet BIG RED (sweetened with Splenda)

THIS DAY'S TOTAL IS 19 carbs & 970 calories


  1. I also woke up early this morning wide awake. And with me it's not because I want more hours in my Sundays. I'm not real fond on Sundays because my kids are busy with their failies and they don't usually have time to touch base with Mom, so they're kinda lonely. But, hey, I have you to touch base with :o)

    Congrats on the small loss. Sure hope it keeps coming off and the stall is gone for a while. We always know they come back from time to time. And we sure hope they don't stick around long.

    Have a great day!

  2. Happy Sunday morning, Deborah. Blogging does make the world less lonely. Thank you for the grats ... I've just felt like something was happening all week so it's good to get even a small indication on the scale. Have a good rest of the weekend.

  3. Thank you! The other half had better vacate soon so I can count it, lol.

  4. Nicely done, Oct. Keep on track and I'll bet the positive results keep on coming! :)


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