Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Terr(ific? or ible?) Tuesday - I'd prefer the former!

I had vivid dreams last night, which is always fun (or at least interesting). I used to be able to lucid dream, but not regularly and not planned. Now that is an interesting experience. I remember dreaming about a dinosaur that was chasing me and planned to eat me. I became so frightened that I realized I was in a dream. I told the dinosaur to sit on a park bench beside me and that we would just sit there until I woke up. We were both very bored, but at least I was no longer terrified.

ALL the EATs and DRINKs:
[3 carbs][200 cal] Two TBSP Smart Balance peanut butter
[2 carbs][170 cal] 1oz almonds
[0 carbs][14 cal] sugar-free jello
[4 carbs][350 cal] LC chocolate cheesecake
[0 carbs][500 calories] roast beef
[2 carbs][6 calories] 6 radishes
[1 carb][7 calories] small amount of onion

[1.5 carbs][100 cal] One TBSP Smart Balance peanut butter

diet drinks:
(2) 12oz Diet Rite PURE ZERO tangerine (sweetened with Splenda)
(4) 12oz Diet BIG RED (sweetened with Splenda)
TOTAL 13.5 carbs & 1347 calories

I'll comment more on this day when I'm home again home again jiggity jig.

It wasn't a terrible day. Not out of the way terrific either, but the fact that it was mostly normal can be terrific too. Lots of work to do, more to do tomorrow, and probably several hell weeks to follow (overloads of work). So all is fairly good. And it's evening, I'm home, and I'm having roast beast. Yum.

I hope you all had a better day than yesterday! I've felt like I was starving most of the day ... maybe the scale will take note soon.


  1. I do the same sort of thing when I'm in a vivid dream and things aren't going so well. I just realize I'm dreaming and make myself wake up, if only for a short period of time.

  2. Howdy, Oct.

    Happy to see it wasn't a terrible day. I admire the way you look for the positives. I will do my best to learn from you there. :)

    Hope you have some vividly happy dreams!

  3. I love dreaming :) Especially the ones that are vivid enough to seem real ... and that linger in my memory. I used to dream song lyrics and music. I would scramble to get things written down before they faded. They often made no sense, and at times made brilliant associations that I never would have thought of while awake.

    Thanks for your comments Deborah and Harry!

  4. I had some wicked dreams last night too, must have been the sleeping pills I took.


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