Friday, February 13, 2009

<3 to my blogging friends!

For Valentine's day Cro and I agreed to only get each other a card and write a heart-felt note. It stinks having more fears and worries than money, but we will both look back on this year one day and be proud that we were able to get through it with love. I did buy us a few scratch-off lottery tickets so who knows, maybe one will lighten our spirits a little. Regardless, the hope will be fun to experience.

ALL the EATs and DRINKs:
[4 carb][350 cal] LC cheesecake
[2 carb][200 cal] 2oz cream cheese
[1 carb][140 cal] 1.75oz Mike-sells red hot pork rinds
[7 carb][57 cal] 1 "sugar-free"chocolate truffle
[7 carb][675 calories] half serving of chili with 2 kosher hotdogs

diet drinks:
(2) 12oz Diet Rite PURE ZERO tangerine (sweetened with Splenda)
(3) 12oz Diet BIG RED (sweetened with Splenda)
(1/2) 6oz of a diet rootbeer sweetened with Splenda that Cro bought for me as a surprise. I saved half of it for another day. So good.

TOTAL 21 carb & 1422 calories

Super stressful day, but I got it all done and it's the weekend! And I just found out that a new season of Survivor has begun ... and it's in Brazil! That's one of the places Cro lived during college. He did a population survey of spectacle caimans, emerald tree boas and Amazon tree boas for 3.5 months. He lived in tents during this time with seven others - five undergrads, one grad student and also had two guides. So this survivor should interest him for more reasons than laughing at the dumb people. :)


  1. When we are poor I like to do silly things for him. One year I bought a package of Pirates of the Caribbean Valentines (the kind you gave to your friends in 2nd grade) and I wrote on all of them and hid them around the house for him. I also bought him some chocolate because he is a chocolate fiend. :D

    You can make it special for cheap, just get creative. :D

  2. I think I have a card saved and unused from last year that says something about getting lucky. Paired with a trail of lottery tickets and rose petals that could be fun. :)

  3. I think you are right on target with just giving each other cards with heart felt messages. This holiday is about love not things.

    My late hubby never got me anything for Valentine's Day. He always wrote me a poem and I charrished them more than gifts.

  4. We are not getting gifts for each other this year too, just a nice card with a handwritten note. I think it's more special than a gift anyway! <3

  5. Personal gifts that don't cost a dime are usually the best gifts of all. I don't mind not getting gifts, I just wish I could give us some piece of mind. *hugs* Jenn, Deborah and Donna.

  6. I really like the way you view things, Oct. :)

    Sometimes I read what you write and just smile.

    I agree with the prior comments: gifts from the heart are much more valuable than gifts from the department store.

  7. Thanks ... I try to process the negatives that I'm feeling and extract the good. Sort of like a French-press for making great coffee. I pulverize the "beans" of my day, scald them in steamy water, let them steep for a few minutes, then press out the good flavor. :) Dorky analogy eh? lol

    I agree that love is the best gift of all.


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