Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Yesterday was Stressful with a capital S. Today promises to be no less stressful. My lunch looks sparse and boring. I still haven't lost another pound. I'm feeling very worn down and discouraged.

Wednesday I have a critical meeting to start a new project that I don't have room on my schedule to add, but it has to be added anyway. Also Wednesday I have a deadline to meet for a different project. Also Wednesday I'm slated to begin a large project for yet another client. Thursday I will continue that large project, and have project recommendations due for yet ANOTHER important client (so back up to Wednesday again because I can't make recommendations without taking time Wednesday to formulate what those recommendations will be). It looks like Wednesday is going to be pure hell.

Okay, putting on my "determined focus" hat and getting to it. Have a good day everyone.
Breakfast 3carb/304cal
[2 carb][300 cal] 2 Hebrew National kosher beef frank
[1 carb][4 cal] 1 TBSP diced onion

Lunch - 14carb/404cal
[2 carb][300 cal] 2 Hebrew National kosher beef frank
[1 carb][4 cal] 1 TBSP diced onion
[11 carb][100 cal] Peanut Butter wafer
[2carb][440cal] 2oz macadamias (I added these out of boredom and a growling tummy, but shouldn't have!)

Dinner - 14carb/179cal
I plan to have:
[14carb][179cal] 1 cup of Cro's veggy beef soup

TOTAL 33carb/1327cal


  1. (((HUGS)))) Sorry your going through such a tough time.
    Hang in there!!

    I had trouble posting to your site yesterday too.

  2. I hope you managed the day okay, Oct.

    It sounds like work is really (understatement) stressful lately. I hope that soon passes and that you successfully accomplish all that you need to.

    Try to keep your chin up. We're all behind you, wanting only the best for you in all things. :)

  3. NewVision - thanks, i'm hanging tough. I disabled the secret word thingy for now to hopefully remove the problem. if it gets abused i'll reactivate it and complain to blogger that it isn't working consistently.

    Harry - i managed another day but woke up at 2am thinking it was time to get it. since it wasn't i went back to sleep and into a dream about a meeting that i actually will have today. in the dream everything was going south fast. i was happy to wake up. :P it can't be as bad as the dream! i hope. :S

    Thanks for the encouragement. i'll soldier through beautifully i'm sure. :)


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