Tuesday, February 17, 2009


YES! I can officially call this pound GONE. It's too soon to celebrate the adjusted plan, but I will definitely give the watching calories aspect props for getting things moving again. It's funny that it didn't even dawn on me that reducing calories along with low carb could be the answer. I could have busted this stall a month ago if I'd figured it out then. Low carb diets don't generally put calorie counting in the top of your mind, so after everything I tried, it's so nice to know there was a logical answer. :D I hope it stays gone and I can declare the adjusted plan a success when I evaluate at the end of the week.

It must be a stressful week because I woke up at 3am and lay there thinking about work for 2 hours and then got up. I do have some very stressful challenges to solve before Friday, but I'm determined to meet them with my whole brain in high gear.

And one more time just for the joy of it. I'VE LOST ANOTHER POUND!!!

Check back after work for the daily follow-up.
- I threw away half of my Fiber bar. I certainly would have enjoyed eating the rest of it but I found myself ripping it into little pieces, squashing the pieces in my hands aggressively and throwing them bit by bit into the trash bin. Hmm, I think that was a display of disgust toward toward being fat. Look out carbs and calories, I'm gonna stomp you both. growwwl

Breakfast 11carb/407cal
[4 carb][350 cal] LC cheesecake
[7 carb][57 cal] LC chocolate

Lunch - 21carb/375cal
[ 7.5 carb][ 65 cal] 1/2 Kelloggs FiberPlus Antioxidants bar
[2.5carb][210cal] Leftover half of a stuffed pepper
[11 carb][100 cal] Reese's 100 calorie Peanut Butter wafer

Dinner - 10carbs/490 cal
[10 carb][51 cal ] brussels sprouts
[0 carb][119 cal] olive oil
[0 carb][320 carb] 6 oz steak

TOTAL 42carb/1272cal


  1. Fantastic news, Oct! Good for you! :)

  2. yea! Scale busting! Time for a non food reward for that stubborn pound.

  3. Thanks Harry and Sadekat. I'm SUPER happy and having brussel sprouts (10 of them!) to celebrate. I almost forgot to count the olive oil they were cooked in though ... that's always been a freebee but not any more.:)


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