Sunday, February 22, 2009

Warning - lots of junk in the trunk

I tried on a couple of pairs jeans from my old stash (the too small ones) and as expected, wasn't able to zip up the first pair (size 16's). I was however able to get them pulled up, which I wasn't able to do last time I tried. The next pair had the size tag ripped out of them, but were also in the pile of "too smalls". I was able to get them on AND zipped up and am wearing them right now. Woot. I can't say they are by any means loose, but they are on. And, here are a couple of photos to document my progress. Yeah, I know it's still an embarrassingly large butt, but hopefully in a few more months i'll get those 16's on and be able to see a big difference.

So I guess even though the scale hasn't been moving much, something positive is still happening. If you can call that big butt photo positive, lol.

I had to ask Cro to leave the room while I took these photos, btw. How embarrassing to be checking out my own butt, taking photos and sharing it with the world. It's all in the name of losing weight though. And a reminder of what it's taking to do so, so that I'll never forget again!!!

Breakfast 4.5carb/375cal
[4 carb][350 cal] LC cheesecake
[.5 carb][25 cal] tiny amount of LC PB

Lunch - 14.5carb/239cal
[ .5carb][ 60cal] slice of cheddar
[14carb][179cal] 1 cup of Cro's veggy beef soup

Snack - 2carb/360cal
[2carb][360cal] 2oz cream cheese and 2oz pork rinds

Dinner - 5carb/226cal
[3carb][126cal] LC peach muffin
[2carb][100cal] TBSP PB

TOTAL 26carb/1200cal


  1. :cat call:

    No wonder you kicked Cro out. He'd be all over you! :D

    You look good! Be soooo proud of your accomplishment so far! You doing really well!

  2. lol, thanks Jenn. I posted these in shame of how big my butt is but also wanting to chronicle the fact that I got into another pair of old jeans. Cro doesn't think I'm too fat, but don't all husbands say that. :)

  3. A definite sign of progress. Maybe your body is gaining more muscle and losing fat? That could explain the loosening of the clothes, right?

    I recently had to have extra notches added to my belt. My shirts also fit much more comfortably now. Nice perks. :)

  4. I guess something has shifted ... I don't know about muscle mass since I don't really work out long and haven't been doing it for long, but it's certainly encouraging to be able to fit into clothes that I couldn't last time I tried them. You are doing very well Harry. Notches on the belt and shirts fitting better are great perks!

  5. WTG! It's a good feeling, cherish your accomplishments. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  6. WOOHOO on the smaller jeans!!! That is a wonderful NSV!!

  7. Thanks NewVision and Deborah. That makes the embarrassment of posting my large rear worthwhile. Here's hoping that it gets much smaller soon!

  8. You are MUCH thinner than I expected you to be.
    And, you have FINE BOOTY!! If your hubby were allowed to stay in the room, those pictures would be of a WHOLE other genre! ;-)

  9. o.O You just made my whole stressful week put on a smile. Thank you SO much Chai. (lol, I'm thanking another girl for complimenting my shamefully big booty and fat legs pic.) I really do have a long way to go, but if all I can do is lose 45 more pounds that will put me at 150 and I'll be sort-of satisfied, but I'll keep trying even then. I dream for the distant day when I'll no longer be fat.

    I wish my elliptical was here right now. :) I'm motivated after that comment.


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