Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday - into the pit.

I made it through the insane day. I accomplished all that today sent my way and went to two meetings and even managed to prepare ideas (thanks to waking up at 2am with work on my brain). The rest of the week will surely be easier. I hope. :)
Breakfast 12carb/376cal
[0 carb][96 cal] bacon
[1 carb][180 cal] cheddar
[11 carb][100 cal] Peanut Butter wafer

Lunch - 22carb/321cal
[ 15 carb][ 130 cal] 1/2 Kelloggs FiberPlus Antioxidants bar
[0 carb][131 cal] tuna
[7 carb][60 cal] sugarfree chocolate pudding with xylitol

Dinner - 6.5carb/678cal
[6.5 carb][678 cal] 2 mini ground beef loaves with diced onion, pepper, cheese, bacon

TOTAL 40.5carb/1375cal


  1. hang in there. sorry work sucks

  2. Thanks Carlos. I made it through WednesHELLday so I think I'm good for the rest of the week. Thursday and Friday should be a (boiling hot) breeze. :)

  3. Only two more days 'til the weekend! :)

    Keep your peepers on the prize!

  4. I was reading your blog and I am sorry to hear that the last several days was so busy and stressful at work, but I can so relate. Work can suck sometimes, but your doing a good job at dealing with the stress. Stress can also slow down your weight loss progress. Just take it one day at a time and don't get discouraged.

    Just remember you have lots of support from all of us out here in the blog world.

    -Nina :)

  5. Harry - I know! And I'm looking forward to that little break. My peepers are tired, but they get some rest in a couple of days.

    Nina - It's nice to meet you! I briefly ran over to your blog to check it out and I'll certainly be going back to read some more (probably this weekend). Thank you for the support and well wishes. Very appreciated.


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