Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ziplock ice cream

Bowulf responded to one of my video blog entries suggesting that I might look up Ziplock ice cream and give that a try. This looks like it might be a great substitute for my habit of packaged CarbSmart bars. There were so many variations on this recipe that I broke it down into the three most simple components and will try to switch those out with even lower carb choices to see if I can successfully make it. :)

From what I gather from all of the recipes (high carb and low carb) the essential ingredients are milk or cream, a sweetening product, and vanilla extract.

The technique is to use two ziplock bags (one small and one larger). the milk product, sweet product and vanilla extract goes into the small bag. ice, salt and the closed small bag of ingredients goes into the larger bag. then shake shake shake Senora (until ice cream happens) ... approx 5 min give or take.

Here's what I plan to try:
1/2 cup (4 ounces) chocolate Hood Calorie Countdown (2 carbs)
A few drops of Stevia (0)
1 t. Vanilla extract (0)

However, I've heard that Hood might be discontinuing their products (boo!) and so I have a backup plan if I can't find it.

Here's what I plan to try if Hood can't be found:
1/2 can (5.5 ounces) creamy chocolate Slimfast Low Carb shake (1 carb)
A few drops of Stevia (0)
1 t. Vanilla extract (0)

I wonder if that will work ... I'll let you guys know if I try it soon. Hmm, I may not even need the drops of Stevia. Both Hood and LC Slimfast should be relatively sweet. I know the Hood is anyway. I have doubts that it will actually turn into ice cream, but I will give it a try anyway.

Okay, I tried a Slimfast version and it didn't thicken up into a creamy ice cream consistency. I put it in the freezer and squished the bag around every hour so it wouldn't freeze solid. What I ended up with neither tasted like ice cream nor had the right consistency. It tasted like low carb slimfast (I'd never had it before, but I don't care for it that much, not aweful, but not a dessert either). The consistency was of slimfast frozen into little ice shards (not creamy what-so-ever). I think if I'd have just used heavy cream as recommended, this would have turned out well. It's not worth trying my modification!

[ 4g ] LC chocolate muffin
[ 2g ] cream cheese
[ 0 ] pork rinds (hot and spicy)
[ 2g ] half a can of LC Slimfast
[ 0 ] ground beef
[ 2g ] cheese
[ 5g ] diced onion
[ 2g ] mushrooms
TOTAL 17 carbs


  1. Hey Oct,
    We can't find the Hood milk across the border here. My son is in Indianapolis and usually comes home every weekend. Where or what store are you finding it at? Maybe I will have him look for me next week.
    Oh, please let us know how the ice cream turns out. My hubby loves ice cream.

  2. The only place I've been able to find Hood Calorie Countdown so far is WalMart. I LOVE the chocolate. I'll let you know if I'm able to turn this SlimFast LC into ice cream. So far no go, but I put the baggy in the freezer to maybe that will help. I think using heavy cream would work for sure, but I was trying to be innovative and save a few more carbs. Breyers CarbSmart ice cream can be found at WalMart also, btw ... and it is VERY good. I get Rocky Road flavor.

  3. You should try unsweetened almond breeze. I gave it another try this week. Lowcarb4life told me it does need a little sweetner in it, so I added a teaspoon of granular splenda to 8 oz and it was much better. I can get it at the health food store for 1.99. It's 3.29 at walmart!

  4. hmm, you may have to drink it on camera again to show me the sweetener doesn't cause that yuck face. :)

  5. Deal! Next video I will drink some almond milk. Hood better not discontinue! I may have to stock up and fill the freezer.


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