Monday, March 9, 2009


Yep. I'm wearing size 16 jeans today. And not some off-brand odd size. They are Gap size 16 regular. You have no idea how inspired I feel today. :) I've lost another pound too. I talked to dad and mom last night (phone) and they both seemed chipper and planning for dad's surgery. Dad gets the final test results back today and will hopefully get the "all clear to go". Now if work will just give me a great day and Cro gets a job this week, all will be well with my world.

I suppose I shouldn't be greedy and hope for too much. :P

*I should have been greedy and hoped for more. My week's schedule has been updated to murder!!!

Breakfast - 14carb/340cal
[4carb][200cal] peanut butter
[10carb][140cal ] Atkins bar

Lunch - 18carb/693cal
I'm taking:
[1carb][226cal] 2oz cheddar cheese
[1carb][12cal] 2 jalapeno peppers
[0carb][164cal] 3oz ground beef
[1carb][4cal] 1 TBSP diced onions
[2carb][200cal] cream cheese
[13carb][90cal ] Quaker mini rice cakes

Dinner - 11carb/558cal
[2carb][8cal] 2 TBSP diced onions
[3carb][450cal] kosher beef franks
[6carb][100cal] LC tortilla

TOTAL 43carb/1591cal


  1. great sv and nsv! way to start the week!

  2. Yay, on the pound gone and the Gap jeans!! That is a wonderful victory!!

  3. WTG!!!!! Your doing great!!!
    Hope work went well today.

  4. High five on the size 16! :-)

    I'm happy to hear about another pound going bye-bye. Your plan is working!

    I hope the news is good on both your dad and Cro's front. Please keep us posted.

    Hang on tight at work. You can make it!


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