Sunday, March 8, 2009

Anti-social networking

At work Friday (haha, it's the weekend and I'm thinking about work) we had an "introduction to social media" meeting to make everyone aware of some of the things that are out there and to begin enlightening everyone to possibilities. Or at least knock off the newness so that if a client brings it up in conversation they will look a bit more informed.

I had created a huge list of different types of social media, various services and sites and briefly defined each and categorized them. That was actually more fun than work. :) But I'm glad it was useful.

During the meeting we had an open discussion of how the world is changing. It lead to us discussing how it is not unusual to go out to dinner with a group of people and see a few of them texting during the dinner conversation. One girl quipped that one of her good friends does this everytime they go out to eat and that it's just natural to include another person in the real social event via texting.

At this comment, the owner of our company (who is in his early 60's) brings up the idea of the rudeness of texting during real-life conversation. The next thing he said has stayed with me to ponder. He proposed that perhaps social networking is moving toward "anti-social networking". In a strange way, he is both wrong and right. :)

Since I've been a long-time online gamer in my past, and an avid blogger and participant in forums of various topics of my interest throughout my life, I do know that the online world and the people and friendships forged in such a world can be very real. Sometimes just as real as the ones we have in "face-time". I also know it can be a social crutch and a "safe" form of social interaction where one isn't judged by appearance. I used to refer to online friendships as getting to know someone in reverse. First impressions are not based upon what you look like. So yes, "anti-social networking" is applicable in more ways than what he probably meant. As in most things, you have to sort it. Keep the good and avoid the bad.

I have found great life-enhancement via social networking. You LC bloggers are definitely among the keepers. :)
Breakfast - 4carb/200cal
[4carb][200cal] peanut butter

Lunch - 9carb/872cal
[1carb][226cal] 2oz cheddar cheese
[1carb][12cal] 2 jalapeno peppers
[0carb][218cal] 4oz ground beef
[2carb][8cal] 2 TBSP diced onions
[1carb][8cal] .5 anaheim peppers
[4carb][400cal] cream cheese

Dinner - 18carb/320cal
[14carb][120cal] chocolate (darn Sadekat! hehe)
[4carb][200cal] peanut butter

TOTAL 31carb/1392cal


  1. Great post!!

    Since I'm 60+, I kind of agree with the owner of your company. I think it is the old fashionness of us and how we were raised. My Mom instilled in me the politeness of listening to someone without interrupting. Guess we are behind the times in this day and age. The times, they are a changin'.

    I can also see the advantage of including someone else in the social setting that they may not have been able to attend. Although I wouldn't do that because my Mom would roll over in her grave :o)

    I agree with you about the blogging friends. It is wonderful to form a friendship without the first impressions of looks. That has always been a pet peeve of mine. If someone doesn't look the way a person likes they just don't even try to get to know them to find out they are really a great person.

  2. I think it is rude to continuously reply to texts rather than give your full attention to the people you are with. I can see replying to tell someone that you can't talk right now, that you are having dinner with a group of people, but not to continue with a long texting conversation. I also think it's rude and scary how people are so absorbed in their cell phones. Rude that they stop whatever they are involved in to answer the phone so readily. And scary that MANY people use their drive time to do business via the phone.

    I guess I'm an old-fashioned girl too. :) And I love you blogger friends. I met Cro in such a group of online friends (in that case, gamers), so sometimes the anti-social networking becomes the most wonderful part of your very real social life too. :)

  3. I don't yet have an IPhone or Blackberry. My wife, mostly because of her work, has 2 Blackberries! At times, it sounds like an arcade in our home!

    I also met my wife online - though not on a dating site. My brother-in-law met his wife online as well.

    As you mentioned, one of the things I like most about online exchanges is that you often have no idea about what a person looks like or about their past. You get to form an opinion about them based on their current actions and who they display themselves to be. Heck, even when a picture is posted ... you really have no idea if that's really them.

    Anyway, I too appreciate the friends I've made on my LC journey. Without the 'net, I seriously doubt that would have happened. Viva the information revolution!

  4. A lot of people must be meeting online these days. Personally, I think it is a great way to determine if you are even compatible before you meet them in person. I used to tell people that I didn't meet through a dating site. Now, we've been together long enough that I don't find it necessary to explain the background of how we found each other. No, we weren't looking for love as we gamed. That is usually the time to find love, when you aren't looking.

    I'm glad you found the one for you too! Getting to know a person before you judge each other's looks is great.

  5. I'm not quite as old as your boss, I'm in my late 40's, but I have to agree with him on to some extent. I love to be able to text, email,blog and all the rest that the digital age has provided. But there is a time and place for everything. Taking phone calls, texting or emailing while your in a social situation is rude.
    If the person you're texting is a mutual friend that was unable to attend the gathering. Then let everyone in on the texting, add their comments and replies. Make it a group thing. Otherwise your not in the here and now, and who wants to hang with someone that's not there.
    Well anyway, that's my opinion. I hate when someone only gives me a % of there attention.
    Hope you had a lovely Sunday and that your week will be productive and fun.

  6. btw I'm sure glad you site is back up. I didn't know how to let you know your blog was gone. The site was here but your blog was missing in action....giggle
    Take care girl,


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