Friday, March 20, 2009


Not remembering I was nearly out of gas, I was ten minutes from the office and still on the highway when the "You are out of gas, stupid!" warning light came on. Oh no! I've not scoped out where gas stations are downtown but I do know there are not many, if any, in the downtown area. I turned down a lesser traveled street when I got off the highway and hoped like heck that I'd see a station. I did! Yay. Minor emergency averted. I signed up for Triple A last week because I would be up a not so nice smelling creek if I ever have a flat downtown, so I suppose the worst that would have happened is me having to wait for the AAA guy to bring me some gas. :) I was still an hour early to work so I had time to wait I suppose.

I actually slept until 5:10am this morning. I guess I needed it still after the movie night sleep deficiency. I make up for it on the weekends I suppose. Although I still get up pretty early I take lots of naps on the weekend. I luv weekend naps.

Dang it, I forgot that blogger sometimes freaks out when I type emoticons that contain angle brackets. I lost a couple of paragraphs.

I think I was responding to Harry's comment which asked how well I get along on 5 hours of sleep. I get along lots better than on 4 hours of sleep, Harry. :) Four hours of sleep leaves me feeling zombie-ish all day. Oh ho, and I re-read the comment just now and he actually asked if I feel rested on 6 hours of sleep. Yes, 6 hours is good, though 8 or 9 is best (weekends). :)

Sadekat, I had no idea you have been updating your vlog. I have some catching up to do. Like the new blond very much, btw. I need to get my highlights refreshed but I did a very stupid thing. I picked up a bottle of chemical hair straightener from the clearance rack at Walgreens. $2, cool, I'd like straighter hair, I thought. Well, after my home straightening, so much of my hair broke off that I could have used the bits to stuff a pair of 80's-style shoulder pads. It was scary! So I think getting highlights refreshed soon after clearance chemical hair annihilation would be a risky move. Maybe I'll go have it cut this weekend though. It would be good to trim off any residual split ends.

Breakfast - 11carb/250cal
[3carb][190cal] peanut butter
[8carb][60cal] SF dark chocolate

Lunch - 21carb/360cal
in the lunch box:
[3carb][50cal] half an LC tortilla
[3carb][190cal] peanut butter
[15carb][120cal] bar of some sort

Dinner - 9.5carb/868cal remaining
[6.5 carb][678 cal] big woven bacon burger
[3carb][190cal] peanut butter

TOTAL 41.5carb/1478cal


  1. Yikes! I'm glad the car situation worked out!

    Only a few more hours 'til the weekend! Almost there!

    I hope the rest of your day goes smoothly for you. Nappin' times just around the corner. :-)

  2. love AAA! I'm way too delicate to change a tire or mess with the gas cap thingie, not one of my most butch traits!

  3. I didn't blog about my hair adventures??? OMG I'll update the whole story today! It's interesting!

  4. Er... forgot to finish typing before hitting enter....

    I wondered too how you got along on such little sleep. I really need 9 hours a night to feel decent in the morning. That rarely happens though. I try to catch up on the weekends too.. I *heart* naps!

  5. Harry - I'm glad I made it to a gas station too! But at least my mobile was charged up and I had a brand new AAA membership just in case. Preparation is good when you take off on a 30 minute drive with a tank minutes away from empty!

    Carlos - You are so silly, I love it. :) My cousin used to say that he only knows two things about cars: Fill'er up and Change the Tire. Well, I only know one thing about cars, and I guess I failed at the one this morning since I didn't fill'er up.

    Sadekat - If you blogged about your hair adventure I totally missed it, but I don't think you did because I very rarely to never miss your posts. :) I love reading Sadekat posts almost as much as I love naps. hehe


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