Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday. do it.

Grrr. I made the mistake of thinking I'm beating the MS and not subject to that horrible limping anymore. So, I decided that I would walk to the mall with four of my guy co-workers. They wanted to either go shopping or hit the food court while there. I thought it would be a nice little walk and that I'd be back fairly shortly. WRONG.

It was a very nice walk there, and I sat and had fun chatting with the three guys who picked up food at the food court. It was a very nice time and it was great to be away from the office during lunch for a little while. That almost never happens, we usually all work through lunch. I didn't eat at the food court because I brought my lunch and it was waiting for me back at the office, already counted. :)

The guys wanted to go shopping at various stores after they ate. Oh boy. More walking. I held up fine for a bit, then decided I needed to head back to the office without them. Who would have guessed that guys would be slow picky shoppers just like girls. I thought all guys were get-in-get-out sorts. Not so for creatives I guess. :P

I'm not the greatest navigator so I had them point out the direction of the office before I headed back. By the time I wound my way back to the ground floor of the mall and found the door out I was totally unsure of which direction to go.

I took a guess (a wrong guess) and walked a block to the north rather than the correct direction which was east. I was limping by the time I finished that block and realized I wasn't heading the right way. So then I walked a block east. Then a block south again, and finally 2 block east and I was back at the office. I wish it was as easy as that sounds.

I was limping and wobbling like a total drunk-ass crippled bum the whole way. I had to lean against a building and try to rest a little twice, had to stop and sit on sidewalk railings twice, and had to fight back tears of humiliation the whole way. Ah well, I'm back at the office and have loads of things to accomplish before I go home. I'm safe and sound and have learned that I still have limits, so I suppose I'm thankful for the learning experience now that it's over.

Thank God it's over. Maybe tomorrow I'll have lost another pound from the walking. :)

Breakfast - 7carb/260cal
[0carb][200cal ] bacon
[7carb][60cal ] dark chocolate

Lunch - 22.5carbs/563cal
[0carb][180cal ] tuna *for tuna patty
[1.5carb][45cal ] 1/8 cup CarbQuik bakemix *for tuna patty
[.5carb][74cal ] 1 egg *for tuna patty
[.5carb][114cal ] cheddar *for tuna patty
[13carb][90cal ] Quaker mini rice cakes
[7 carb][60 cal] sugarfree chocolate pudding with xylitol

Dinner - 6.5carb/580cal
[3 carb][450 cal] 1 Hebrew National kosher beef frank
[3 carb][16 cal] 1/4 cup diced onion
[.5 carb][114 cal] 1 oz cheddar

TOTAL 36carb/1403cal


  1. That sounds harsh. I'm so sorry that happened, Oct. :(

    We all have our limits. My list of limits is limitless. :)

    I hope the rest of the day treats you more kindly. Hang on 'cause the weekends on it's way.


  2. It was rather brutal, but I vented here so I could play it down to nothingness around the guys. It sort of sucks having a mostly hidden issue that throws up hurdles ... but ah well. It's over and I really did have a good time walking to the mall and having a relaxing lunch hour chatting and having fun.

    Oh, and I got tons of compliments regarding my creative work etc today. One gal even called me her hero and listed several reasons why I am her hero in a group email that involved at least 10 of my co-workers that are involved in one of the projects I'm on. It really made my day. Sometimes all of the hard work and little thanks gets me down. And then there are days that make up for it all. :)

  3. BTW, you are one of MY heros, Harry. You are someone I look up to and someone who helps keep me going.

  4. Golly gee, thanks Oct. :-) Now you made my day!

    I'm very happy to hear you received some appreciation and validation at work today. That can really make all the difference.

    And I'd just like to say ... back at 'cha. You inspire me as well. I know there are plenty of challenges in your life but I always see you on the ready to confront them. You never give up. I admire that and I'm thankful for the strong message it sends to all those that know you. :-)

    I hope you and Cro have a smashing weekend.

  5. that sounds like a sucky trip to the mall!

    i hope a pound slides off for your efforts.

  6. haha. actually the walk there and the friendly chatter was very very nice. it was the walk back to the office alone and lost and limpy that sucked! :) but I'm over it! You guys are my ventilation system.


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