Sunday, March 22, 2009

Huge amount of yard work still needs to be done. We have a long row of 11' high hedges that run the length of our driveway on the side of the house. We are cutting them down to about 6' high and making large stacks of branches that will have to be run through the chipper on another weekend. I wonder if Cro can be prompted to work on it with me again today. He was pretty wiped out after yesterday. I think we have about 18 hedges and we finished half of them yesterday along with cutting down and stacking logs and branches from a couple of overgrown trees. I wish the city allowed yard waste to be burned. :( What a huge amount of trouble for people with a large amount of trees. Yes, we still have plenty and I love trees, just not the overgrown ones that threaten the house.

We plan to make pork al pastor later today (inspired by Harry). I'll let you all know how it turns out.

Breakfast - 8carb/217cal
[3carb][190cal] peanut butter
[5carb][27cal] 3 big strawberries (no, NOT WITH the peanut butter :P)

Lunch - 6carb/380cal
[6carb][380cal] PB mmm

Dinner - 12carb/538cal
[6carb][438cal] Pork al Pastor
[6carb][100cal] LC tortilla

TOTAL 26carb/1135cal

This is the Pork al Pastor ala Cro. :) Harry found the recipe ... another good one though the stuffed jalapeno recipe is still my fav. Here are the ingredients that Cro used to make this. The serving above is 1/10th of the entire batch (6carb and 438cal). Delicious ... we would add chopped peppers to the top before serving next time for more spicy heat. It was a bit mild, but still very yummy!

[0carb] [3864cal] 3.5 pounds boston butt pork roast
[4carb][12cal] 4 TBSP lime juice
[8carb][32cal] 8 jalapeno peppers
[2carb][7.5cal] .25 cup diced anaheim peppers
[9carb][40] 2 TBSP oregano
[8carb][56cal] 2 TBSP cumin
[29.5carb][128cal] 2 cups diced onion
[0carb][238cal] 2 TBSP olive oil

TOTAL [60.5carb][4377.5cal]

1 tenth of recipe: [6carb][438cal]


  1. That looks like it turned out really well. My complements to Cro!

    Is it something you guys would make again? <-- the real test of it's yumminess.

  2. Cro did all of the work so I asked him. He says yes, he will make it again. I am taking some to work for lunch. :)


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