Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hump day indeed. If I can get over this day the rest of the week, although super-packed busy, should seem brighter in regards to work. From a personal life standpoint I am brilliantly happy.

Of course saying that is like begging for life to mow me down. Here are some "highlights" of my day so far.

- Mom called to ask if Cro could make the 5 hour drive to the hospital and stay with dad for 2 days and 2 nights. Of course he can! I say. She doesn't want me to come because of my work. Then she apologizes for 15 minutes and says that she needs to be home to sleep and to care for the horses. Understood! It's no trouble, Cro already said he was willing to go there if needed. More unnecessary apologizing while I ask for the hospital phone number, confirm the name, confirm the time she needs Cro to be there and how long he should expect to stay.

- I attempt to call Cro to relay the information. My home phone says "This line has been temporarily disconnected by the user" ... what?? I call Cro's mobile and no answer. Then mom calls back to tell me nevermind, that the hospital staff has completely reassured her that they can take care of dad while she is away for a couple of days. That he will be fine. So then I spend several minutes making sure she is sure. She apologizes for the first call saying that she hasn't slept since the night before the surgery began. Poor mom. :( No need to say sorry!

- I call Cro's mobile (successfully this time) to ask if the power is out or if the home phone has really been disconnected. Apparently I forgot to pay the bill and so the phone, cable AND internet is out. Dang it!!!!!

- Called the phone company to pay and have them reconnect everything. They took my money immediately but might not get around to restoring service for 24 hours, even though its all done electronically. Boohoo

- I am insanely busy with too much work and things are getting down to the wire. Sigh. It will be fine.

It felt good to vent a little.

Breakfast - 14carb/550cal
[6carb][380cal ] peanut butter
[8carb][170cal] Atkins bar

Lunch - 28carb/370cal
[0carb][135cal ] turkey
[14carb][140cal ] snack bar
[14carb][100cal ] 100cal pack of some sort of cereal

Dinner - 3carb/450cal
[3carb][450cal] 3 Hebrew National kosher beef frank

TOTAL 45carb/1370cal


  1. awesome sounds like you are in a good place. glad your dad did well

  2. Well, I'm happy to hear that the hospital feels like things are in good order with your dad. A good sign, for sure.

    The bill things happens. With so much going on ... it's easy for a thing or two to fall between the cracks.

    I know you're going to make it through this day. Believe it and stay strong! We all know you're stronger than you probably do! Trust us! :-)

  3. Thanks Carlos. I am so happy that he's doing well. Recovery from surgery can be rough, but every day will see him feeling better and better! He even asked if he'll be able to do farm work on his rumbly tractor once he has healed and the doctor said yes. :)

    Harry - Good sign is right. I'm so happy he was able to get the surgery after all of these months hoping and waiting. I'm getting through the day. I don't even think I'm going to stay extra late tonight, though I probably should. I'm going to relax tonight and hit it again early morning. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

    Great day to both of you!

  4. yea, Pappaoct is doing good! Hope the phone co gets everything connected soon so you don't have internet withdrawls. Once the phone company disconnected my internet/phone for 24 hours and I didn't know what to do with myself!


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