Monday, March 30, 2009

I hope each of you had a pleasant weekend. Or at least one that built character or built muscles or burned some fat or in some way had some benefit to you. :)

Cro and I finished chopping our too-tall hedges down to a manageable height. We also took 3 of them completely out and will be planting something smaller there hopefully next weekend. So, next weekend I need to stop by Lowes and find some weed inhibiting mesh to lay down in the hedgeless spot, and pick out maybe 8ish ornamental grass plants to set into that space. We are going to chip the piles of trimmed branches into mulch to cover the mesh and around the new plants. I hope it looks nice. The hedges we removed were either dead or dying so rather than chop them down to be even height with the rest of the living hedges, we decided removing them would be a much better thing to do.

I have loads of scrapes and twig stab marks and bruises on my right arm and hand. Left arm has none! I've always known that I am right-handed but I never knew my left was such a slacker!

Breakfast - 8carb/240cal
[3carb][190cal ] peanut butter
[5carb][50cal] half bar Cocoa Via

Lunch - 23carb/594cal
[0 carb][214 carb] 4 oz steak
[8carb][240cal ] LC tortilla with peanut butter
[15carb][140cal ] fiber bar

Dinner - 2.5carb/508cal
[0carb][500cal ] roast beef
[2.5carb][8cal ] 8 radishes

TOTAL 33.5carb/1334cal


  1. dude! I'm tired just thinking about your hedge work

  2. It sounds like you guys put in one heck of a work out! I bet you'll feel 10,000 times better when your yard is completely "out with old and in with the new". :-)

    A beautiful new view always brightens the spirit. Nicely done, Oct!

  3. Carlos called me dude. :) stick to your own hedges bud.

    Harry, we put in at least 4 hours and were dead tired by the end of that. It felt good working so much, but we were sure happy when the clouds opened up and it started to sprinkle.


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