Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I stopped by Walgreens before work this morning and stocked up on some low cal / lowish carb items (which makes work lunches lots easier to throw together and get out the door quickly). My lowish carb items are in the 10 carb range, give or take a few. Since I'm trying to stay under 50carbs per day, that is a workable amount. For low calorie I've tried to keep them all under 150 calories. I have no idea if that is really considered low cal and low carb, but it is working for me. So be it. :)

I picked up a couple of items from the diabetic area near the pharmacy too (I'm not diabetic). One is called Extend Bar and claims that it helps control blood sugar for up to 9 hours. I figure that it can't hurt and it fits within my cal/carb range (14carbs/150cal). The other item is sugar free Hershey's dark chocolate. I count the carbs without subtracting sugar alchohols (just subtract fiber if any) so I feel good about these even though they contain maltitol. I figure if I'm counting it, it can't hurt me and if my body processes it as less than what I count, that's just bonus.
Breakfast - 15carb/280cal
[3carb][190cal ] peanut butter
[12carb][90cal] 1 Hershey dark chocolate sugar free bar

Lunch - 26carb/410cal
In the lunch box:
[0 carb][160 carb] 3 oz steak
[12carb][100cal ] Reeses Snacksters
[14carb][150cal ] ExtendBar

Dinner - 11carb/340cal
[3carb][190cal ] peanut butter
[8carb][150cal ] movie popcorn (about a cup, popped)

TOTAL 52carb/1030cal

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