Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ima kick butt today. I've been slacking and falling into an easy pattern regarding food. Not gaining but certainly not losing. It may take a little while to shape things back up, but it's the focus of my mind lately. If nothing else, my goal is to keep the carbs closer to the 30's than the 50's while continuing with my less-than-1500 calorie plan. We'll see how it goes, but I think publicly acknowledging the laxitude (is that a word? well it should be!) can only serve to keep it in mind rather than allowing that safe coast to continue. Sure, there is nothing wrong with maintaining the status quo, but I still have a couple dozen pounds to lose before I'm even close to happy with my weight. That isn't that much. That isn't impossible to achieve. Acknowledged. Affirmed. Now to slowly correct the course of this ship and begin heading toward my destination rather than orbiting the goal at a fixed distance.

Today is observation and small corrections day.

Breakfast - 3carb/190cal
[3carb][190cal ] peanut butter (comfortable and easy ... I'll be reducing my intake of this a little)

Sometime between breakfast and lunch I've recently started having "second breakfast" then adding it to either breakfast or lunch dependent upon which is closer. Today I'll record it as what it is, a hunger bridge known as a snack.

Lunch - 17carb/650cal
[1carb][220cal ] (mid morning snack) 1 oz macadamias
[0carb][80cal ] can of tuna
[1carb][220cal ] 1 oz macadamias
[15carb][130cal ] Fiber plus antioxidants bar

Dinner - 2.5carb/508cal
I plan to have leftovers:
[0carb][500cal ] roast beef
[2.5carb][8cal ] 8 radishes

TOTAL 22.5carb/1348cal

That's the plan.

Observations: (BTW, you guys don't have to read this stuff. It is guaranteed to be boring and is meant as a personal record of what is going on during the day. Maybe I'll stumble upon an action plan as a result.)

6:15am - I had 2 T of peanut butter while feeling guilty about having peanut butter so often. Then I reassured myself that I have it so often because it is so quick, low carb, moderate calories, no cleanup, lots of protein, and I like it. In dieting, deprevation (having to avoid so many things that I want to eat) is a constant companion. Peanut butter is something that I enjoy and it fits into my diet, so having it is actually a good thing. Having it so often needs to be watched, however. But, what else could I have that wouldn't take more effort than I want to spend in the mornings? Perhaps I should start making up something the night ahead ... but what? Perhaps I should figure out the calories for the 1-minute muffin mixture. I know the carb count but the hassle of having to figure out the calories in the early morning is likely what is stopping me from having that once in a while. Okay, I'll look up the ingredients and figure out the calories on that some evening so I won't have to worry about it in the morning.
ACTION PLAN - add up calories for a 1-minute muffin

8:15am - I've been here at work for about an hour and a half and I'm getting my first hunger pains of the morning. It isn't bad, just a light rumbling feeling. This of course makes me want to break into that 2oz bag of macadamias that I brought with me. Then I think about how long it is until lunch and that I'd better save them until at least 10:30am. *sigh*
ACTION PLAN - be strong, hunger pains are a good thing now and then

10:15am - I'm not purposely noting these observations at a quarter after each two hour period, they are just falling that way so far. My observation now is that I REALLY REALLY want to eat half of my ration of macadamia nuts. I told myself 10:30, it's now 10:15. Close enough? What's the difference?
ACTION PLAN - don't be a goof. 10:30 will be here and gone before you know it. It's the difference between strength and weakness after all.

10:40 - proud of myself. Just finishing my half ration of macadamias. The whole while I ate them I thought of Nelson (from Simpsons) saying "Savor it" to Bart as he forced Bart to eat the breakfast Marge made for him. hehehe ... I did savor it. I don't think I've ever eaten macadamias so slowly. They are salty and buttery. mmm mmm mmm
ACTION PLAN - enjoy the feeling of not being stuffed, of feeling strong in my resolve, and don't worry about lunch until lunchtime gets here.

12:42pm, - ate the rest of my lunch and am quite full. But I have no snack remnant leftover so the rest of the afternoon will hunger me up again before dinner.
ACTION PLAN - stop posting until I get home unless I have something not-boring to say.

6:55pm - i don't even think about food when i'm overly busy and a deadline is looming. :)
ACTION PLAN - keep thinking about things tomorrow. I did well today!


  1. I'm a big fan of planning. :-)

    I thought your menu looked really solid today, Oct. Good going!

  2. Thanks Harry. I think that was the most boring post I've made yet (other than the beginning posts of just menus and no comments). It was enlightening though. Connected with my inner hunger, lol.


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