Monday, March 2, 2009


I really don't want to express negative thoughts all week so let's just say I know it's going to be another high octane week that is going to require intense brain-power, social skills, talent, masterful juggling, commitment, patience and perhaps even a touch of clairvoyance. A positive attitude, belief in myself, and the ability to be calm are things I'm going to have to bring with me to every situation! These are core skills. I can do it.

Breakfast - 4carb/350cal
[4 carb][350 cal] LC cheesecake

Lunch - 13.5carbs/540cal
[0carb][200cal ] bacon
[1.5carb][180cal ] cheddar
[0carb][30cal ] 1/2 can tuna
[7carb][60cal ] dark chocolate
[5carbs][70cal] 1 Lindt Lindor Truffle (60% Extra Dark)

Dinner - 10carb/490cal
planning to have:
[10 carb][51 cal ] brussels sprouts
[0 carb][119 cal] olive oil
[0 carb][320 carb] 6 oz steak

TOTAL 27.5carb/1380cal


  1. Keep up the positive attitude, you can do it!!

    I gave away most of my fat clothes(kept a pair of jeans and a few sweaters for warmth around the house in the winter) too. Hopeing for the same reason as you, that I won't go back there again.

  2. I agree! You can do it! Stay strong! :)

    PS - I tried posting a comment yesterday but the evil comment fairy wouldn't let it go through.


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