Thursday, March 12, 2009

Threw my fav jeans in the wash last night so I could wear something I felt good about today. I've gone through my "old stuff" and discovered several tops that are still practically new and have been wearing them one after the other for several days. It is so cool to have a practically new wardrobe and realize these are things I had to put away because they no longer fit. Well now they do. The shiny prize to reach for is a pair of $100+ Lucky Brand jeans which I think are size 12. I bought them as motivation (back when money wasn't something I worried about) and never got into them. Well I swear I will this time around. Though I'm still a long way away.

I'm at work super early again today. I hope next week eases up a little. I developed a raspy cough yesterday and wonder if lack of sleep is messing with my natural ability to fend off the sicknesses people seem to be carrying around lately.
Breakfast - 17carb/290cal
[4carb][200cal ] peanut butter
[13carb][90cal ] Quaker mini rice cakes

Lunch - 5carb/669cal
[3 carb][339 cal] 1 mini ground beef loaf with diced onion
[0carb][130cal ] pork rinds
[2carb][200cal ] 2oz cream cheese

Dinner - 10carb/371cal
[0 carb][320 carb] 6 oz steak
[10 carb][51 cal ] brussels sprouts

TOTAL 32carb/1330cal


  1. so many people are sick right now! Here's hoping you feel better soon.

    It must be exciting to be getting back into those old clothes. I just blogged about having all these brand new clothes in my closets. Every time I'd start a diet, I'd buy some clothes as they went on clearance in smaller sizes as motivation, but I have yet to get into any of them. Hopefully not too much longer though :)

  2. You'll get into those $100+ jeans this time, I'm sure of it!!

    Hope your work load eases up soon. You need your rest too.

  3. I agree! Those jeans are only a little ways off. It's just a matter of time.

    I hope you'll be able to rest more in the coming nights. Lack of sleep is rough on your immune system. But, an upbeat spirit is excellent for strengthening your defenses (and that you have). :-)

    Try to take extra good care of yourself. Just one more day 'til the weekend!

  4. Super Squared - I am feeling better. Just a little bit of a cough left, but I think I dodged illness again. :) Poor Cro though, he picks up every little sickness that goes through. I feel bad for bringing it home and then only feeling under the weather for one day.

    Deborah - Thanks. I'm sure of it too! I just hope it doesn't take months and months and months. If it does, I'll just have more to write about for a long time.

    Harry - My jeans are all the way on silly. :) Oh, you mean getting into the smaller ones is a little ways off. Ok, I'm the one being silly. Tomorrow is Friday! Woot! I'll be sleeping well this weekend to make up for the week.

  5. Your doing a great job!
    Take good care of yourself, that's a nasty lil bug going around. My brother has it and he is one sick puppy.


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