Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday - I lost a pound today.

I also tried on a pair of size 14 jeans. They must be a freaky - out of kilter with the rest of the world - size because they fit. So now I have pairs of size 3 RightFit (fat girl) jeans (that are in reality size 18ish probably and are getting too loose for me), a pair of normal size 18 jeans that fit wonderfully, pairs of 16s that are a tad too small, and this freaky pair of 14s that fit snug and comfy. Jeans mess with my head, why can't they all adhere to a universal size chart?

Regardless, losing a pound and finding more jeans that fit makes me happy. :)

In other news ... Cro needs a suit for job hunting. Any recommendations for low budget interview appropriate attire for a "big and tall" size guy? He is considering applying for an account management job where I work, but it is much more corporate America than his clothing selection embraces at the moment.

And in other other news. We have two big meetings today, one of which will be a two hour lunch meeting. I will be eating the lunch I packed early to avoid being hungry as I watch everyone else eat pizza. I suppose I could just nibble on my bacon as everyone else eats pizza, but that would just be odd. I can see it now, "Sorry, I have to eat this bacon rather than your pizza because I'm on a diet." ... now that is too funny. Someone should make a cartoon with that scenario because I'm too darned busy to do it.

Breakfast - 15carb/190cal
[13carb][90cal ] Quaker mini rice cakes
[2 carb][100 cal] peanut butter

Lunch - 19carbs/840cal
[0carb][200cal ] bacon
[2carb][440cal ] macadamias
[10carb][140cal ] Atkins bar
[7 carb][60 cal] sugarfree chocolate pudding with xylitol

Dinner - 10carb/490cal
[10 carb][51 cal ] brussels sprouts
[0 carb][119 cal] olive oil
[0 carb][320 carb] 6 oz steak

TOTAL 44carb/1520cal


  1. Congratulations on the new pound gone!! Woohoo!!

    I'm with you an the sizing of clothes. It just doesn't make sense to me at all. We need a clothes police out there to take care of the manufacture-ers out there that can't make up their minds on the size stuff. And to beat it all the sizes have changed sugnificantly over the years. I'm also into 14's at 177 pounds and that used to be my size when I was 130 pounds (course that was way back in the dark ages). I think they just want us all to feel slimmer to they change things every so often.

  2. Maybe Hostess company is behind it all. They sell more Twinkies when the nation feels a false sense of slim. Hey, I can eat these cupcakes, I'm a size 3! (Nevermind that size 3 is actually the old size 18!)

    Thanks Deborah. Each pound seems to be hard fought and reluctant to go. Strangely my jeans keep getting more and more loose even though the scale doesn't change significant amounts quickly.

  3. Jeans are the weirdest clothing item aren't they? No two pair ever fit alike. For Cro's suit, do you have a burlington coat factory in your area? My hubby got a really nice suit off the rack a couple of months ago for a really good price. I know they carry "big & tall" too, cuz my Dad always shops there when he comes to visit.
    where do you get the chocolate pudding w/ xylitol? Sounds like something I have to have!

  4. I forgot to saw woohoo on the pound! Look how close you are to losing 100 lbs and how far you have come! It's so inspiring:) <3

  5. Another pound down = fantastic news! :)

    Good job planning for the work lunch too.

    My pant situation is a sad scene. I'm putting off getting new clothes. I just keep on adding new holes to my belts! :)

  6. Sadekat - We'll have to check out Burlington coat factory, I know there is one on the east side of the city. The pudding is Jello Sugar Free chocolate. I mention the Xylitol because it is a sugar alcohol. That one doesn't seem to effect me so far. *knock on wood* Thanks for the grats!

    Harry - Thanks! Maybe it's time for you to get some new clothes too. Old Navy! :)


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