Wednesday, April 29, 2009


First, a shout out to a fellow blogger whom I read.
Hope things turn around for you. I have a difficult time posting to your blog, but I read it lots and hate that you are having a bad time. :(


Best wishes to everyone for a good morning. I am having a nice morning, though I had a VERY rough day yesterday. A freelance person that we hired was supposed to handle finishing a project last week. Through a mix-up he was told we didn't need him any more. Because of that I had to finish all of the work that I thought he was taking care of. I found out about this yesterday morning and I know that the work has to be completed (and done well!) before this morning. I also have two other very projects and half a dozen smaller ones that have to be complete (and done well) by Friday. Long story, but I ended up working from 7am to 8:45pm yesterday (almost 14 hours).

And I thought this week was going to be easier than last week! Ah well, I'm very happy to have the work, even if it is a bit crazy.

Because I worked so many hours and only brought a lunch, I didn't have dinner. Driving home it was dark and raining and I started to feel nauseated even though I was the one driving. I thought for sure I was going to vomit. Since I was on a busy road with multiple lanes and because it was dark and raining, I didn't have a way to pull over ... so I just made a panic plan that I would try to catch it all on my shirt if I threw up. Ewww! I rolled my window down for as much cool air as I could get and put the vent on full blast. Thankfully I was able to keep myself from throwing up. Cold, wet, dark and sick, I got home safely. I couldn't eat dinner, but threw up twice before the night was over. Dry heaves hurt!

The good news in all of that is that I've lost 2 more pounds. :P I think one of those pounds will come back as I treat my body kindly today, drink lots of fluids and don't skip any more meals, so I'm just going to count one of them. That makes me 184 baby! Woot.

I called the hospital this morning and got an update on dad. I talked to nurse Casy. She says there hasn't been much change but they have taken him off of Ativan again. He is still on the pain medication. I hope removing one drug at a time will be easier on dad. His blood pressure is 120/60 which is right where they want it to be. It will take several days for the Ativan to be completely out of his system so for now he is still sedate. I asked about a rubbed sore spot on his lower back, tail bone area and the nurse said they are watching it, have a bandage on it, and are turning him every couple of hours to help it get better. I also asked about swelling that mom told me about which is in his arms. The nurse said it is normal as the body flushes and drains itself (I don't remember if she meant draining the medication or draining from the infection leaving). She said that there is still infection in the wound, but that they haven't done a culture yet to see if the sepsis is going away. I asked when they were going to do that but she didn't know at this point.

So, basically no news yet and it will be several days before dad is waking up I think. I will call to check on him again tonight.

Breakfast - 13carb/290cal
[3carb][190cal ] pb
[10carb][100cal ] cocoa via

Lunch - 9.5carb/354cal
[0carb][150cal ] chicken breast
[1.5carb][100cal ] with feta cheese
[0carb][64cal ] and bacon
[8carb][40cal] 2.5oz Gerber Applesauce

Dinner - 7carb/158cal
[0carb][68cal ] turkey
[5carb][40cal] 5 brussels sprouts
[2carbs][50cal] LC chocolate ice cream

TOTAL 34.5carb/788cal


  1. glad you lost sorry work is crazy and still hoping for your dad's quick turn around

  2. 184 is fantastic! Good on you, Oct!

    I hope the rest of your day went better.

    Hang in there, you. :-)


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