Monday, April 27, 2009


Beginning of another week. Dad is mostly the same, but mom and I are starting to have a lot more hope. His vitals are good and the nurse this morning told me that he is now digesting what is given to him from the feeding tube. I asked the nurse if she can inquire from the surgeon when he expects to wean dad off of the sedation. We won't know where the delirium stands until he is allowed to awaken, so knowing when that might happen is top on our minds.

My work week looks rather tame thus far, but things change quickly in the advertising world. I do have a good supply of things to do today, but not in stressful amounts. I even slept a little extra and only got here 30 minutes early. :) Feels like vacation, sort of.
*update. Just had an hour and forty-five minute meeting with 10 people involved regarding 9 projects that we have to turn from inception to completion this week. 3 of the people involved in the meeting are designers so at least I'm not doing all of this alone.

To my surprise and delight, I now weigh 185! No halves. Hurray! I did low carb several years ago and got to 175. Once I pass that milestone I will be on my way to defeating this fat for good. Oddly, I asked Cro to give his honest opinion on how close he feels I am to a photo taken of me at 175. He said that I am smaller than I was in the photo. :o Is is possible to weigh 10 pounds more than I did then, but look smaller? It was a full body photo wearing the same jeans that I've gotten back into recently (Gap size 16). I glanced at the back of the photo and it is dated 2000.

Nine years have passed and low carb has worked for me again. Back then I lost it much more quickly due to ephedra and I kept it off for 5 years if I remember correctly. Something caused me to feel I could maintain the loss without watching carbs. :( I slipped into regular eating and slowly regained. This time I've lost it without ephedra and I feel that I've learned how to not regain the weight ever again. Very very important. I don't want to be fat again and find myself starting over in 2015. The things I've written in this blog will be a great help in keeping me on track and knowing what works.

Matt's birthday is the 4th, so I am going to celebrate with him next Sunday by meeting him for the new X-men movie (the Wolverine one) and taking him a few gifts. I also need to send my long-distance friend who lives on the Isle of Mann a round of birthday gifts, send my sister some birthday money (because she delights in a little spending money more than anything I could buy for her) and think of something lovely for mom to celebrate mother's day. May is always my big crunch for gift buying. Cro's bday isn't until June, so I still have a little time to plan for that.

Speaking of June, I restarted LC June 1 of last year. Wow, it has nearly been a year and I'm so happy that I have commited to this WoE again. Maybe I'll even make the 100pound lost marker by then. Five pounds more to reach that!

I called the hospital again and talked to dad's nurse for today, Karen. She says that as of 9am this morning they took him off of Ativan (anti-anxiety drug which is also a sedative) and are starting to wean him off of such strong pain meds. He has not woken up fully yet and is not responding to verbal directives. Karen said that it varies between patients regarding how long it will take to get out of his system. The length of time in which he was on the drug will also add to that varience. She suggested that there might be more to tell in 24-48 hours. I called mom to let her know this since she will want to be there if he is waking up. Cross your fingers that the delirium has subsided when he wakes up. Dad's vitals are still good.

Breakfast - 13carb/290cal
[3carb][190cal ] peanut butter
[10carb][100cal ] cocoa via

Lunch - 16carb/267cal
[0carb][75cal ] chicken breast
[1carb][50cal ] with feta cheese
[0carb][32cal ] and bacon
[8carb][ 40 cal] 2.5oz Gerber Pears
[7carb][ 70 cal] half a fiber bar

Dinner - 5carb/446cal
[0carb][420cal ] 7oz steak
[5carb][26cal] brussels sprouts

TOTAL 34carb/1003cal


  1. glad he isn't any worse and your hopes are higher!

  2. I have my fingers crossed! Sounds good that he is beginning to digest the feeding tube nurishment. XX

  3. Encouraging news! :-)

    Good job on the 185 too!


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