Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Back to work after a miserable sick day and feeling great. I seriously am bouncing off the walls and didn't know why until a guy here asked if I was taking any cold medicine. Hmm, yeah, just Dayquil, I said. Then he enlightened me to the fact that Dayquil adds a pepper-upper ingredient to counter-act sleepiness. Oh! I guess that IS it.

So, I'm super peppy, down another pound, my vertigo is gone (so glad that exacerbation didn't last long!) and I'm feeling great. Hope you all had a good weekend and that your Monday went well too. I'll catch up on all the blogs tonight. For now, TONS of work to catch up on from yesterday!

Breakfast - 2.5carb/235cal
[2.5carb][235cal ] 1 minute flax muffin

Lunch - 19carb/619cal
[3carb][170cal ] Atkins bar
[3carb][339cal ] 1/2 serving of Cro's fantastic spicy burger with cheddar
[13carb][110cal ] Cocoa Via

Dinner - 6carb/529cal
[3carb][339cal ] 1/2 serving of Cro's fantastic spicy burger with cheddar
[ 3carb][190cal] peanut butter

TOTAL 27.5carb/1383cal


  1. lol speed kills! glad you are feeling better though!

  2. glad you're feeling better. I've been taking alot of benedryl which makes me so sleepy.

  3. Carlos - unexpected over-the-counter speed is good.

    Sadekat - Dang, I was wondering why my energy is really low right now. I just took two benedryl!

    I need to take more Dayquil to balance it out!

  4. I'm happy that you're feeling better. The same goes for your dad - in the healing department. I hope he'll get to go home very soon!

    Keep getting better!

  5. Thanks Harry. I hope he gets to go home soon too. He's been having a rough time over the last few days. Cro and I are both feeling much better in the aftermath of our flu.


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