Thursday, April 9, 2009

Busy day! Lost another half pound though so I'm feeling encouraged. I've also developed a bad cold but it is subsiding or has been DayQuil'd under control at least.

I think Cro and I are going to be visiting dad and mom this weekend. I've already talked to my creative director about coming in early today (check) and tomorrow in order to leave early tomorrow. It will be awesome to see how dad is doing in person. Last word as of tomorrow is that the hospital is transferring him to a rehabilitation facility for a few weeks (poor dad!) until the blood pressure and pain is more under control while he heals.

Breakfast - 6carb/380cal
[6carb][380cal ] peanut butter

Lunch - 15carb/140cal
[15carb][130cal ] fiber plus antioxidants bar
[0carb][10cal ] sugarfree strawberry jello

Dinner - 7.5carb/280cal
[6carb][100cal ] LC tortilla
[1.5carb][180cal ] cheddar cheese

TOTAL 28.5carb/800cal


  1. ok yay loss, boo cold, and have fun on your trip home, i'm sure seeing you will make your dad feel better...

  2. Have a good weekend! I hope all is well with your pop. I'm going to see all 3 of my grandparents, Mom's older sister and a decent amount of my dad's family this weekend in addition to my girlfriend's family as well. Busy busy busy!

  3. Wow what a diet! Hope you have a great weekend! ;)

  4. I'm happy that you guys will be able to visit your dad. I'm certain that will help lift his spirits and that can only help his healing process. :-)

    Be safe in your travels and please let your dad know that lots of your online friends are prayer and keeping a positive thought for him.

    Try to get good sleep this weekend so you can kick that cold to the curb!

  5. Hahaha exactly what Carlos said ;)

  6. Thanks everyone. I hope each of you have a great Easter weekend and are able to spend time with people who make you happy!


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