Friday, April 17, 2009

Cro read as much as he could regarding delirium yesterday and told me that we should have every reason to be hopeful that it is temporary. He said that from what he read, it is very common for someone in his late 60's to experience temporary delirium after all the things that dad has recently gone through. I'm eager to talk to mom this morning to see how he is doing and hoping for even a tiny sign that he is regaining some clarity.

In diet news, I'm back up to 187. I suppose I must have been dehydrated from those two horrid days. Work is extra stressful as I juggle a dozen tasks that aren't holding still just because I needed to be out for two days.

I'll update more later and try to catch up on what you all have been doing this weekend. Each of you who have left comments deserve the best karma that life can return your way. You have boosted my spirits as I walked through a tunnel of crud. I imagine a glimmer of light in the distance and hope it isn't fairy fire. :) Enough with my semi-cliché silliness. I simply want you all to know that I think you are awesome people and I'm very happy to have met you here.

Breakfast - 3carb/190cal
[3carb][190cal ] pb

Lunch - 16carb/470cal
[3carb][190cal ] pb
[10carb][140cal ] half of an Atkins bar
[0carb][60cal ] 1oz steak
[0carb][70cal] cheese
[3carb][10cal] quarter piece of LC bread

Dinner - 10carb/186cal
[0carb][135cal ] turkey
[10carb][51cal] brussels sprouts

TOTAL 29carb/846cal


  1. It's true that delirium is pretty common and short term. Do you know why it happened? Dehydration?

    Well we think you're pretty awesome too :) *hugs*

  2. It happened after a recent 9-hour back surgery. His back is healing great an he was finally at home. He woke up with intense stomach pain, they called an ambulance. A comedy of errors later (not funny) he is in the shape he's in now. I posted a very long rant a few days ago about all of the errors and complications if you care to read all about it.

    Thanks for the hugs. :)

  3. That's a sweet picture of your folks.

    I'm hopeful that the delirium will soon pass. Is the infection healing well? How about the back?

    I know you're all going through a lot. Just remember that there are a lot of people pulling for you guys.

    Try to take good care of yourself so that you can best be there for your family.


  4. That's a very cute picture of your Mom & Dad

  5. Thanks Sadekat and Harry. I think the photo was taken last fall. In fact, I know it was ... the books are birthday gifts for dad.

    His back is healing amazingly well and I think they have the infection knocked back greatly. He is no longer running a fever from it. The antibiotics are continuing for a good while.

    (hugs) back. :)

  6. oh your parents are darling oct. i hope he's healing and that you get some rest.

  7. Glad to hear that Pappa Oct is doing better. I've been prayiing up a storm!

  8. Nice photo, they look so sweet together.

    Glad your Dad is doing a little better. That IS a light at the end of the tunnel. Just so ya know :)

  9. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate all of the support.


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