Monday, April 13, 2009

Here is something pleasant to comment on if you have enough stress of your own and would rather avoid reading my woe-is-me tale below (and I completely understand!). The sparkling new lawn mower financing is approved. We are going to get the optional cart to go along with it (for all the inevitable carting stuff around the yard chores). We'll go to finish the paperwork at the dealership this coming Saturday, sign up for the no-interest-no-payments-for-a-year incentive and will have them deliver it too.

I'm excited about a lawn mower. :) I'm also excited about planting ground cover this weekend so it had better not be raining.


  1. Sorry your your Dad is back in critical. It really sucks that the nurses didn't listen to them about the i.v. infection. You practically have to go postal on nurses it seems. My Mom had to go postal on a nurse last year when Granny was in the hospital. You will have so much fun with your mower and cart! The cart comes in handy when having to haul stuff around, and is also excellent for hauling puppy dogs who love going for rides. :) Hugs for {{{Oct & Family}}}

  2. Looks really cool, Oct! I've never had a yard big enough to utilize one of those babies! Should be kind of funny, I would think. :-)

    Congrats! Looking forward to the pics of you guys riding that bad boy all over the grass!

  3. kick ass ve-hicle you got there


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