Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It feels like Wednesday even though I was home sick one day this week. I guess that is the result of making up for that lost day by working early yesterday and extra early this morning. It's good to be on track with work because nothing feels more miserable than the stress caused by more work than time will accommodate.

American Idol was ... meh. The only performance that I enjoyed enough not to want to flip the channel was Adam Lambert. Not only was Adam the final performer of the night, his performance also ran into overtime so it wouldn't have been picked up by the DVR. I could always watch it on youtube the next day though. :) I think I'll watch it again later.

I also must listen to Harry's interview with Jimmy Moore today. Very exciting. :)

On the diet front, things are fine but I slipped back into my "ho-hum" feeling while I was sick. Yesterday I did nothing wrong but I just didn't feel like that was a day of progress. Today I am back on limited rations and conscious eating. It's probably odd to have a feeling that I'm making progress on days that the scale doesn't say so, but it's a definite noticable feeling so I won't argue with it.

Have a good hump day everyone!

*I don't know when my blog defaulted to justified text (text that makes an even block from edge to edge of the content area rather than ragged right ... see the post below this if you want an example). Anyway, that bugs me. Was it always like that? I don't think it was. It is forced in a manner that feels "machine-stupid" rather than with care so I'm setting this one back to ragged right manually. So there, Blogger. :P *sticks out tongue*

Breakfast - 3carb/190cal
[3carb][190cal ] peanut butter

Lunch - 11carb/440cal
[0carb][80cal ] can of tuna
[8carb][170cal ] Atkins bar
[3carb][190cal ] peanut butter

Dinner - 10carb/186cal
[0carb][135cal ] turkey
[10carb][51cal] brussels sprouts

TOTAL 24carb/816cal


  1. Way to show Blogger who's boss! :-)

    I know what you mean about your diet some days feeling less than productive - regardless of the scales input.

    I think in my case, it often has more to do with my psychological state. When I feel like I'm on shaky ground, I often feel more dubious about my menu choices (regardless of what they are).

    I have a love/hate relationship with planning. But I truly believe that the more I plan, the more confident (in my diet) I feel. It's just that it requires some added effort - something that I'm sometimes in short supply of.

    I hope it's an excellent day for you, Oct. :-)

  2. sure glad your feeling better. Hope the vertigo is gone for good. It's the worst.

    Take care girl, miss you, hope I get my new computer soon.

  3. It's good to not be alone in the planning-means control club. I listened to your interview yesterday and can say that I completely enjoyed it. I've always said you are a great inspiration, but the things you reveal in the interview add to that greatly. Bravo Harry. And now I have your Healthy Fellow blog to start following.

    Vikki! So glad to hear from you! I've missed you too and am looking forward to seeing you on a new computer and blogging regularly again. How are things with your mom? I hope she is doing well. Dad is on the long and bumpy road of recovering, but he is getting a little stronger day by day. Cro and I are going to see them this weekend. :)


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