Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lost half a pound ... maybe a countable amount is on the way. I certainly feel like something good is happening in the weight department.

It's supposed to snow here again Monday! And the lawn people are here cutting the grass ... *grumble* Cro is going to call them Monday to tell them we don't need their lawn services this year. I'm rather surprised that they started so early in the season. They zipped through it too (no wonder since the grass was still short. In 10 minutes they were done with everything and gone. I'll get charged $45 bucks for that 10 minutes. :( Ah well. My bad for thinking I had until next week to let them know we didn't need them this year.

Nothing like starting the weekend with a grumble-fest, eh. I'm probably grumbly because the vertigo isn't gone yet. I also called to find out that dad is back in the hospital, critical care. Mom says not to worry, they are just getting his blood pressure under control and performing a CT scan to find out why his stomach is hurting him. My guess would be an ulcer from all the recent surgery stress. Anyway, this hospital visit isn't due to the surgery itself and he's still healing very well. I'm very happy that dad doesn't ignore things and gets them taken care of before they get much worse. I'd like to take next Friday or the following Monday off work for a 3-day weekend and drive down to see them ... so hard when my schedule is stupid-packed.

Breakfast - 6carb/380cal
[6carb][380cal ] pb

Lunch - 6carb/380cal
[6carb][380cal ] pb

Dinner - 3carb/190cal
[3carb][190cal ] peanut butter

TOTAL 15carb/950cal


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your dad. I hope they get his BP under control lickity split and he gets to go home.

    Apart from the grass incident, I hope you're both having a swell weekend. :-)

    I've been working most of today but I think I may make some "pepperoni pizza" tonight. That should cheer things up!

  2. Hey WAY TO GO, 1/2 pound down is always better than a 1/2 up. It's a step in the right direction. :)

    Vertigo is tough, hang in there. My son got that a month or so ago after a sinus infection. He was in bed for several days. Knocked him for a loop (and nothing keeps him down). Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Thank you both! I actually lost the rest of that pound this morning, and have the flu I guess. Stuffy, aches, vertigo, rig˙ht arm pain from pulling something in it yesterday. Yeah, I'm a mess today. Dad is still healing well but trapped in hospital waiting for blood pressure and liver tests to happen monday. I'm just very happy that he is still healing well.

    Hope you both had great weekends!


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