Monday, April 13, 2009

Mom emailed to say dad isn't doing well. I'm praying frequently with all of my might. The nurses ignored him a few days ago when he complained that his IV site was hurting badly. They ignored him for 2 days before they looked at it. It was deeply infected but the nurse denied that it was infected. Mom looked at it after the nurse stepped out for a moment and since mom has worked as a nurse's aid in past I trust when she says it was infected that it really was. The nurses at the hospital continued ignoring the problem. Last night dad's arm was swollen and red from wrist to elbow because of the infection. He is also running a fever which is likely due to the infection. This on top of being so medicated that he sleeps most of the time and is often confused while awake. What are they doing to my dad??? It seems that hospitals have the potential to be more dangerous than helpful.

In other news, not that anything else is important to me right now, I'm at work and have an overload of projects as usual. I woke up this morning to another pound loss. 187 ... wow, I'm happy and amazed to see things moving more quickly recently.

And in other other news. Mom sent me home with a handwritten revision to her and dad's Will which they both signed. I'm unsure that it would be honored since they have an older official Will. This one leaves everything in my hands if they both should pass, and leaves the responsibility of doling out money to my sister to me as well. The old Will splits everything half and half, but we all know the government would take my sister's half since she is mentally handicapped and gets social security and medicaid. It worries me that her half may be lost, but I'll still watch over her even if there is no money. Mom will get the Will officially changed someday, but right now that is the last thing on all of our minds.

Mom just called a moment ago and said that the doctor has been in this morning and transferred dad back to critical care. He has an infection in his blood from the infected IV site. Mom started crying and had to hang up.

*update: Since I've carried you all along the trail of worry with me, here's the latest.
Dad is back in critical care and doing better now. Mom left him to go get something to eat from the cafeteria. She says that the critical care nurses are much more competent and when he's in the normal care area she would be afraid to leave him long enough to go eat. I'm glad he is improving from this morning and hope they can manage not to mess him up again!!!!! (there are not enough exclamation marks to show how angry I am at the regular care nurses for their neglect).

I mean Geez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His back is healing just fine. He goes to the ICU in an ambulance complaining of intense stomach pain. They set him up in critical care until a doctor can view the CT scan and other tests and determine that it's just phantom pain because his body has gone through great stress with the surgery. So they send him to the PEDIATRIC ward as a holding pen until the rehabilitation unit can take him. In the pediatric unit they ignore his complaint of pain at the IV injection site. They keep upping his pain medication until he is loopy. Then he progressively gets sicker and sicker, develops a fever, then finally someone looks at the IV site that he was complaining about. Mom and dad both see that it's deeply infected, the nurse blows it off saying that it isn't infected, that it's just his skin. Then this morning the doctor does a culture on it and tells mom that dad has a blood infection due to the infected IV site. WHAT ARE THEY DOING??? Dad should have been out of there and not put on greater pain meds as soon as they determined it was phantom stomach pain. I feel like screaming and crying. STOP KILLING MY DAD YOU BASTARDS!!! He was fine when he went in. Now they say they won't release him until the rehabilitation center doctor decides to release him otherwise insurance will pay for none of this. Mom and dad can't afford the bill if insurance denies payment. Dad needs a lawyer looking after him. :(

Breakfast - 6carb/380cal
[6carb][380cal ] pb

Lunch - 14carb/500cal
[3carb][50cal ] half of a LC tortilla
[6carb][380cal ] pb
[5carb][70cal ] half of an Atkins bar

Dinner - 10carb/291cal
plan to have:
[0carb][240cal ] 4oz steak
[10carb][51cal] brussels sprouts

TOTAL 30carb/1171cal


  1. sorry that your dad has had more issues. i will have a good thought for you

  2. Thanks Carlos. Good vibes are very appreciated. Drink a beer for Scotty if you do that. :)

  3. Sometimes I really hate the medical profession! It can drive you nuts!

    I'm so sorry that your family is going through this ... unnecessarily! As if healing isn't hard enough!

    I'll say a prayer immediately and keep your father (and you and your family) in my continued thoughts and prayers.

    I know this is incredibly tough on your and your mom. Please hang in there. You need to be and can be stronger than you imagine.

    Rant on, if it helps! Do it here or with Cro or with friends and co-workers. Just don't let it stay bottled up inside.

    [hugs] for you.

  4. Thanks Harry. I've let it out to you all here, to Cro, and to one of my cousins. Support is great and the more well-wishes and prayers the better. Yes, I had to get the weepy emotions out to Cro before I called mom back. I need to be strong around her and around dad. I have to project positive energy and not make them worry about me on top of everything else. It is very tough to hear a parent cry.

  5. Sending prayers and ((((HUGS))))) your way. I'm sorry this is all happening. Hang in there and keep us informed.

  6. Thank you for prayer and hugs. :) Both are welcomed!

  7. ditto on the prayers and hugs. i'll be thinking of your dad.

  8. I hope you got some good news about your dad today, Oct.

    You're all in my thoughts and prayers.

    Take care and stay strong.


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