Monday, April 20, 2009

So far so good. I came in at 5am this morning after stopping to fill up my Jeep's gas tank and stopping in to Walgreen's to get generic NoDoz (200mg caffeine pills) and DayQuil. The DayQuil seems to offer me pep and I'm sure the caffeine pills will do the same. I'm prepared for 15 hours days at work this week in order to be sure the deadlines are all met. I feel good about it.

Mom called last night to let me know the hospital is transferring dad via ambulance back to the other hospital in which he received surgery. The hospital where he is currently does not have an orthopaedic surgeon on staff. Dad's back has developed a golf ball size lump on the upper spine and they are at a loss with what it might be even after CT scan. I'm hoping it might be from all the jerking around and moving they do to him daily and not another serious complication. In a way I'm very relieved that he will be leaving that hospital. In another way I share mom's worries because the hospital he is being transferred to is much farther away and she will not be able to drive back and forth to watch over him and watch over her farm animals as well. She will have to hire someone to feed the horses and dogs while she spends several days at the hospital watching over dad. :( She is also worried that the expense of all of this is going to put her and dad "in the poor house" as she says. They have great insurance, but they still will have to pay a portion of the bill. Being on a fixed income now that they are both retired, that worries her greatly ... but as she says, she will spend every dime that they have if it means dad is given care and able to come through this alive and well. They are always welcome to stay with me if it comes to that, but I hope they won't see that sort of hardship. Mostly I hope that dad does make it through this. It seems that one thing after another wants to kill him.

I know you all must be tired of hearing about my family trouble. I'm sorry that the greater part of my life right now is worrying about family and worrying about work. A distant third in priority is lawn care. :) I suppose LC and diet is in there too, but I'm pretty much on automatic pilot regarding eating ... I'm very happy to be losing again. 185.5 this morning. There's nothing like crisis and being preoccupied with work to get the mind off of eating. I'm amazed and proud of myself that I've not turned to food for comfort in all of this. It would have been easy to do but I just don't seem to be programmed that way any longer. I am supposed to have a "reward" meal at Brugge Brasserie when I hit 185 ... but I'm pretty sure even that will be within my self-imposed calorie and carb limitations.

I'm thinking of you dad. Heal and be well for a few more years.

Breakfast - 3carb/190cal
[3carb][190cal ] pb
[xcarb][xcal ] one bite of an Atkins bar

Lunch - xcarb/xcal
[13carb][600cal] ground beef, onions, mushrooms, cheese, yellow bell pepper

Dinner - xcarb/xcal
[xcarb][xcal ] a cup of Cro's homemade chili with black soy beans (ground beef, salsa, diced onion, black soy beans, sprinkle of shredded cheese.

TOTAL xcarb/xcal

I'm sorry that I'm not taking too much time to add up the carb/cal counts today. That will probably continue this week as I expect to work nearly 75 hours. I'm confident that I'm eating well within limits and can add it up some other day if I feel the need to do so.


  1. love that you share your highs and lows with us. sorry for your parents and what they are going through but so proud of the way you are handling it. go you! don't you dare stop sharing

  2. Thanks Carlos. I don't mean to write such a wall of text, it just ends up that way. :)

  3. I agree with Carlos, don't you dare stop sharing with us! It's blog-therapy. <3

  4. Oct,

    I think we would all be blogging about our parents in the same way. We write/type about what's important to us. That only makes sense. That's only right.

    You're right on to give yourself credit for not reaching for comfort via food. That shows real growth and uber strength! Good on you!

    I hope things work out well this week at work. More importantly, I wish your dad the very best in his healing period at the different hospital.

    My best to you all!


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