Thursday, April 30, 2009

T-minus 32 days

I'm still 183.5 this morning. Darn halves ... I would have counted 183 if it had shown up evenly today. I was right not to count 183 when it showed up yesterday though. Am I learning to predict my body? I feel that I might be. I may actually know what works and what doesn't (knock on wood) ... I've been doing this nearly a year so it's about time!

Three and a half more pounds to lose to hit the big 100 pound loss mark. I know I could do it by my one year LC anniversary (in 32 days), but I don't really want to change my routine just to lose those pounds by June 1st. If it doesn't happen without a drastic change I'll just accept whatever June 1st serves me.

I'm at a point where I eat less without being too terribly hungry. Under 1200 calories makes the losses happen slow and steady. Under 1000 calories makes the losses go faster but also leaves me feeling a bit deprived. I've had several under 1000cal days over the last couple of weeks. Not by choice, but due to hardship of either worrying about dad or due to excessive work and stress. I've been doing great keeping both the calories low and the carbs low even when not experiencing hardship. Woot me. I rock. :P

*update on dad:
He is more awake today, but not fully awake. They still have him on a ventilator so he is not able to talk until they remove that. The nurse says they won't remove the ventilator until being sure they won't have to put it back in. It involves a balloon that they can't allow dad the chance to pull out or it would damage his lungs. So he is still strapped down for his own safety. The nurse says that he is responding to commands now (like "please wiggle your toes for me", for example) and that when they need him to do something he is doing most of the work himself, which is good. He is still very sedate because the Ativan hasn't had enough time to leave his system. I asked again if they have done a culture to see if the sepsis is still bad. The nurse said that they can't do that yet but he still has MSRA and yeast in his blood. His vitals are still good. The nurse made a point to tell me that this recovery is going to take time, that we can't expect for him to have a big turn-around so soon.

Breakfast - 13carb/290cal
[3carb][190cal ] pb
[10carb][100cal ] snack bar

Lunch - 10carb/168cal
[0carb][68cal ] half a serving of turkey
[10carb][80cal] 10 brussels sprouts

Dinner - xcarb/xcal
[xcarb][xcal] jalapeƱo cheeseburger
[xcarb][xcal] mashed cauliflower (Cro made it and it was better than I've ever had!)

TOTAL xcarb/xcal


  1. I think the news about your dad sounds encouraging.

    (Almost) 100 pounds is really a tremendous achievement! Congrats on your continued progress, Oct! Pat yourself on the back ... just not while others are looking. Been there, done that. Always awkward. :-)

  2. I hope it is the prelude to better times for dad!

    I patted myself on the back just now. No one is here yet this morning. :)


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