Sunday, April 12, 2009

A visit with dad & mom

The visit with dad and mom was very good. Dad is still in the hospital but they've moved him out of critical care and into the rehabilitation ward where he will continue to work his body and improve. Right now he is so overly-medicated and sedated that he sleeps a great deal of time and exists in a half-dream state for part of the time as well. The half-dream state scares mom because dad seems to be fully awake but he responds to conversation based partially on what he was dreaming.

He is not eating much of what they bring him but mom keeps a constant supply of ensure at hand. He sips those frequently when he is awake. When he becomes fully awake he wants to get out of bed. I can understand that! We walked with him to sit in the waiting room for a little while. It was great to visit and see that he is getting stronger. Overall he is doing well and is healing. I think in a month he will be over all of this scary part, will be home and life will be back to normal. He and mom both enjoyed our visit greatly. Mom is very warn down and tired, but she is determined to watch over him as much as she can, spending night and day with him as well as driving home to take care of the house, yard, animals before going back to the hospital.

The coming work week is going to be another crazy one. I didn't get the ground-cover planted today since the earth is still saturated with rainwater here. Next weekend had better be dry. Cro and I have also decided to purchase a new riding mower rather than taking a chance on a used one. I guess we are going to try to take advantage of John Deer's no payments/no interest for a year deal. Surely Cro will be able to find work sometime before the year is out. If not, I have enough savings to cover it as long as no more emergencies strike. Knock on wood!

Breakfast - 6carb/380cal
[6carb][380cal ] pb

Lunch - 10.5carb/450cal
[6carb][100cal ] LC tortilla
[1.5carb][180cal ] cheddar cheese
[3carb][170cal ] wicked hot chipotle peanuts

Dinner - 14carb/357cal
[0carb][240cal ] 4oz steak
[10carb][51cal] brussels sprouts
[4carb][66cal ] Ghirardelli Twilight dark chocolate (1 squares)

TOTAL 30.5carb/1187cal


  1. sounds like your visit with the parents went well... glad your dad is out of critical care and your mom is holding up, if tired...

  2. Good news about your dad, Oct. I hope his rate of recovery keeps on improving day by day.

    You know that we're all expecting to see a photo of your riding that new mower, don't you? Maybe even some tag team mowing between you and Cro! :-)

    Knocking on wood and wishing you both a blessed Easter.


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