Thursday, May 14, 2009


Nothing much exciting is happening yet. That's fine with me, no woman no cry right? Or something like that.

I'm 183 this morning. That's exciting. I've been so darn hungry all week that the scale must have felt it was time to throw me a bone. I expect the be very hungry most of the day today as well.

I'm wearing a t-shirt to work today. This is worth noting because it is a t-shirt that a client handed out to all of us last week in appreciation of all the work we've done on their new name, new logo, new marketing materials and updating all of the old stuff in anticipation of the new name announement. The t-shirt sports their new name and logo. Why is this worth noting you may wonder. Because! How many of you have felt fear/shame/anxiety when a client, your own company, a relative, etc, have presented you with a piece of clothing? Well I have, many times. The reason for all of the fear/shame/anxiety/etc is that I would rarely fit into the clothing being given. Well this time, the t-shirt FITS! And as they say, if the shirt fits wear it (or something like that). So I'm wearing it and feeling like a normal human being rather than the outsider (aka blob) I used to be.

Breakfast - 13carb/290cal
[3carb][190cal ] peanut butter
[10carb][100cal ] cocoa via

Lunch - 12carb/220cal
[12carb][220cal ] Atkins bar (same-old same-old)

Dinner - 6carb/550cal
[6carb][550cal ] 3 kosher beef franks with onions and 1 slice of cheddar

TOTAL 31carb/1060cal


  1. Congrats on 183! That's great!

    I've had the same problems with clothing given to me too. It is a wonderful feeling when we realize that we no longer have to ask them if they have a 3X instead of just a L or XL.

  2. kick ass on the 183 and fitting in the tshirt. i have sooo been there before!

  3. Thanks Debora, it does feel liberating to be able to wear something handed out like a normal person.

    Carlos has been in my tshirt? o_O
    Sorry ... thanks :)

  4. What a cool realization, Oct! Another victory!

    I hope your hunger chills soon. Drinking tea helps me manage my after-dinner pangs. Might be worth a try ...


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