Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I've been plagued by hunger-pangs for the past two days during the work day, and expect today to be no different. This is actually working for me though (this week). Nothing ever seems to be the forever answer, probably not for any of us, which just makes us learn to adapt to what our bodies are requiring at the given time.

I've also lost another blasted half pound. The size 16 pairs of jeans which I've been commenting about feeling too loose got set aside this morning for a pair of 14's that were too tight a month ago. The 14's are not the least bit tight now, I wore them to work today along with a white shirt that I haven't seen in a few slimmer years. It's a bit large on me too.

I'm running out of smaller sizes and I really can't afford to spend for new clothes right now. Maybe I'll see what's in my old room at mom and dad's next time I visit. I wore size 9 in high school and mom never throws anything away. Hmm, that was the late 80's though, don't think I'm brave enough to wear vintage 80's stone wash, purposeful rip in the knee jeans, even if I ever do get into 9's again ... lol.

There's always goodwill. :/ Or I could try my hand at taking some things in with the sewing machine I bought from a friend several years ago but never used.

Bah, I have plenty of clothes that fit for now. I'm not losing weight THAT fast.

*update. I just bid on two pair of jeans off ebay and I'm excited! One pair is size 13 Tommy jeans. The other is a pair of 12 Lucky Brand jeans! If I win both it will cost me less than $20, including shipping. If I don't win, ah well, I'm not bidding higher. The chance of getting a pair of Lucky Brand jeans used, but cheap, thrills me (I posted previously that I'd had a pair of new never worn Lucky Brand jeans waiting in my closet full of too-small clothing items but that I couldn't find them and therefore must have returned them years ago).

Breakfast - 13carb/290cal
[3carb][190cal ] peanut butter
[10carb][100cal ] cocoa via

Lunch - 12carb/220cal
[12carb][220cal ] Atkins bar (dieting still sucks and I am still starving)

Dinner - 6carb/678cal
[6carb][678cal ] bacon burger with cheese

TOTAL 31carb/1188cal

Below are a couple more blog entries from a past blog.

September 1, 2001
settle down there corky

i just finished fixing up my little desk space in the basement ... cool!!! i like my espace now. i got a GREAT deal on an inkjet printer at Office Depot ... they gave me the floor model for a percentage off, plus rebate, then they discovered they were advertising an expired rebate so they gave me the money off right then and there. i love retail errors that go in my favor. anyway, got it for only $50 all told, plus they threw in an extra year warranty. i couldn't have done better if i had shoplifted it. haha.

next i bought a huge cork bulletin board and some cute little things for the desk. a transparent set of tiny drawers, a translucent trash can and translucent file trays. i'm all set up. :-) oh, and i'm using a leopard print place mat that Matt gave me to set my powerbool upon. it makes a nifty mouse pad. gneiss.

oh, also visited the goodwill store to look for a cheap, small desk. didn't see anything that was worth hauling home (and it really stunk in there) so i left without buying a thing.

bad news ... the bulletin board has nothing on it and now it is pressuring me. ug, blank canvass syndrome.


well, my grandpa is going to die this week. i feel sort of strange about this situation because i haven't gone to see him for about 13 years. he is 92 or 93 and i haven't seen him since he was 79, i think. and i know he's dying, but i'm not going to go see him (until the funeral). yes, i've thought about it and i'm just not going to do it.

i feel bad about it, he's always been nice to me and mom has told me often in the past that grandpa has great admiration for me. she's also said that he's asked to see me many many times. i did't want to.

it seems that just about every time anyone ever talked to me about grandpa, it was either because his 10 kids were spatting about who he was treating better, who he was giving money to, or who should or shouldn't be in the will. ug. i got really tired of it. i often wished that he would spend it all on silly things that made him happy like an ice cream parlor in his kitchen or a car covered in silver dollars so that there wouldn't be anything left to fight over. but that isn't realistic. i don't know all of the politics of it. i didn't want to know. there was a lot of hurt feelings in that family. i hope they all don't end up hating each other after the funeral when they get together to read the will and settle the money issues. ug.

i remember my grandpa in bib overalls. he was a watermelon farmer and he continued farming well into old age. i remember sitting with him and talking and how his eyes were always so kind and twinkly blue and full of interest when he looked at me. he liked me. i liked him too.

anyway, he's going to die this week (at least that's what the hospital says). my aunt Ruth took him off of life support because that's the way he wanted it, so all that he is getting to help him now is oxygen. no iv's for food or drugs. and i feel bad. but i want to remember him like the last time i saw him. he was always nice to me.


  1. Congrats on retiring the 16's and the 14's even being loose on you. Way to go!!

  2. Thanks Deborah. :) It feels good to see some progress!

  3. Whoooo Hoooooooo !!!! Way to go girl! That's fabulous.

    I bet you can find all kinds of hidden treasures in your closet back home, you might even rock a whole new style.

    Have a fabo week and keep listening to your body.

  4. It sure is fun waving sayonara to the fat clothes, isn't it? I just retired my belt into the Fat Hall of Shame and moved my next-size-down jeans into the on-deck circle.

    Kudos on all your success!

  5. Bring back the 80's! You can do it! :-)

    Hairspray makers need your support!

  6. Haha, Harry. I actually loved the 80's ... it was a good time to be a kid. 80's hair is rather frightening to look back on though. I'll have to post some pics of my big perm sometime. :P

    Jack, getting back into smaller clothes is the best!

    Vikki, Thanks. :) I hope you have a fab week too.

  7. When you fit into those stone washed size 9's I will send you a can of Aqua-net & a home perm kit :D

    Do you have any clothing exchange type stores in your town? They are popping up all over here and I have heard you can get nice clothes for a nice low price. When you get too skinny for them, you can take them back and exchange for smaller sizes!

    By the way, I have a pair of jeans from high school that I dream of getting back inot. I have hauled them to every town I have lived in since 1992!

  8. Aqua-net :D too funny Sadegirl. Get into your 1992 jeans and we'll hit the town together. Look out world!

  9. I show off the jeans in today's video!


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