Thursday, May 21, 2009


The day is skipping by faster than I would prefer, but since it feels like Saturday I'm happy in the knowledge that no, it's actually Thursday.

We woke up early thinking that we would visit the komodo dragons on loan to our local zoo, but upon checking the zoo website learned that the dragon exhibit won't be open until Tuesday. It is likely to rain Tuesday, but perhaps that will mean less rush on opening day. Cro is interested in going to see them so a little rain won't likely stand in our way. :) The exhibit will surely be inside the desert biome (which is under a roof, well under a dome, and therefore out of any potential rain).

More later.

The Tommy Hilfiger size 13 jeans arrived today. I was able to get them on (hence the frightening photo of my backside again), but they are too tight to call them a true fit yet. I'm encouraged though. :) It won't be long until these are my fav jeans and I can start eying the Lucky size 12s with intent to wear.

Breakfast - 7carb/280cal
[3carb][190cal ] peanut butter
[4carb][90cal ] half cup LC chocolate ice cream

Lunch - 15carb/632cal
[6carb][380cal ] peanut butter
[8carb][180cal ] cup LC chocolate ice cream
[1carb][72cal ] 18 spicy chipotle peanuts

Dinner - 5carb/316cal
[2carb][300cal ] two kosher beef franks
[3carb][16cal ] diced onion

TOTAL 27carb/1228cal


  1. Look at you in those jeans. Sure wish I had an ass to fill jeans out. You look great!!

  2. Thanks Marjie, but I have too much ass! Hopefully it will be much smaller in a few months, it sure takes a long time to lose.

  3. You're making progress, Oct! Just remember that and give yourself plenty of credit for it. A few months ago, there's no way you would have even tried to fit into size 13 jeans! Now you can. :-)

    I hope you both have a fantastic long weekend. Say hello to the komodos for me, when you see 'em. :-)

  4. Thanks Harry. I am having a pleasant time off and Cro seems to be enjoying having me around. :) Today we'll be on pins&needles hoping for good news about the job for him ... so I suppose I shouldn't suggest any activities that take us away from the phone, hehe.


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