Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a bunch of not much

Back to work this morning. It feels like a Monday but it's actually hump day. I'm rather happy to have the constraints of eating only what I brought with me. It is HARD to not eat too much when the cupboard is in the next room but I think I did well regardless. I didn't gain but also didn't lose. Since it is four days to my one year LC anniversary I doubt I'll lose the three pounds needed to make it an even 100. I'm only disappointed because losing an even 100 pounds in one year would be an awesome thing to claim. I'll likely only be able to claim a 98 pound loss. I could go on a fat-fast or egg-only plan for the next three days, but naaa. It doesn't concern me.

Cro is working now so we'll have to arrange our dinner routine around that. I think we should make a roast or a big pot of LC chili or something each Sunday that will last a few days. We should also start making meals ahead to freeze. I'm always famished when I get home and with this MS nausea/dizziness thing happening for the time being, hunger needs to be addressed more quicky when I get home or I end up throwing up (dry heaves really, owy). Perhaps just a bit of an Atkins bar or a tiny bit of peanut butter will keep my dizzy head from getting out of control until we can make our evening meal. I also need to remember to take Benedril before I start the drive home.

Cro's work is 5 minutes away from home. I'm really happy that he'll get to experience the joy of such a short commute. I was pampered with a 3 minute drive to work for several years and boy do I miss it!

I sure type a lot for not having much to say. It's nice to be back to work and so refreshed!

Hmm, and I just discovered (from another blog, no doubt) that today is world multiple sclerosis day. I think I'll skip the parade. :P

Breakfast - 2carb/230cal
[2carb][190cal ] 1 LC muffin
[0carb][40cal ] tiny bit of pb

Lunch - 17carb/430cal
[5carb][80cal ] half an Atkins bar
[10carb][160cal ] Atkins brownie bar
[2carb][190cal ] 1 LC muffin

Dinner - 13carb/600cal
[13carb][600cal] ground beef, onions, mushrooms, cheese, yellow bell pepper

TOTAL 32carb/1260cal


  1. I could really go for some spicy chili right now too! I am so excited for you! Dad doing good, Cro's new job, 98lbs lost! You go girl!!!

  2. Your hair looks really nice, Oct!

    Hope you have a good day tomorrow.

  3. Those cook ahead meals sure help with working people. Love your attitude about the 100 pound goal. It will come soon.

  4. Carlos - chili does sound great. You know what? I used to crumble Ritz crackers into my chili. LOTS of them. Chili was my absolute FAV meal, but they way I liked it was so bad for me. When I make it now it is sans-crackers, sans-cheese on top, filled with veggies and made with black soybeans rather than pinto beans. It is STILL one of my favorite foods. Hard to screw up chili I guess.

    Sadekat - I wish we lived next door to each other. I bet you are a fantastic cook. I would be cool to swap weeks, each making a big batch of chili and sharing it with the other. :)

    anne h - thank you, it's very cool to know I inspire someone.

    Harry - lol, thanks. I never know what I'm going to end up with when I go there. I think that is part of reason I keep going back.

    Deborah - Yes, Cro and I are going to have to make some meal plans for the week ahead and maybe try freezing some. I sure hope you are right about things happening soon. Sooner or later I know I will get there though.


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