Saturday, May 23, 2009

casually grilling

We are grilling today and I'm excited because even though it is usual foods for us, grilling makes it special. :) No lunch today so there will be a bit more to spend for grilled food later. I went ahead and counted what I expect to eat even though it might vary somewhat. My hope is that working up some counts should promote conscious decisions when the time comes to celebrate. It will also be nice not to stand at the grill indecisive and adding in my head.

I think I'll have my hair highlighted today if the Latino salon is open. :) It's a struggle to explain what I would like, but they are very nice and patient while they figure it out. I'll go armed with a babelfish translation, but that isn't a guarantee that the words will be correct.

Breakfast - 12carb/382cal
[2carb][190cal ] 1 LC muffin
[8carb][180cal ] cup LC vanilla ice cream
[2carb][12cal ] 2 strawberries

Lunch - xcarb/xcal
[xcarb][xcal ] NO LUNCH TODAY!!!

Dinner - 8carb/600cal
Grilling out and planning ahead:
[2carb][300cal ] 2 kosher beef franks
[0carb][270cal ] 3oz ground beef
[6carb][30cal ] grilled serving of orange bell pepper, onion, mushroom

TOTAL 20carb/982cal

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