Tuesday, May 19, 2009


My LC order was sitting on my computer chair when I got home. Exciting! The only item we've tried so far is the cheese crisps pictured. Cro even liked them enough to say "maybe just one more" when I asked if he would like another one to try. Yum yum! Same counts as cheese since that's all they are, so not something to eat with abandon, but a great addition to my menu in small amounts. These really ARE crispy. Crispy like potato chips and very tasty too. They also are not oily, which surprised me since I've made my own taco shells from baked cheese in the past. I won't be purchasing these often due to price, but they are a very nice once-in-awhile treat.

I won the other pair of ebay jeans that I bid on a few days ago. I've been so excited about the Lucky Brand jeans that the other jeans didn't cross my mind until I got the email confirming my winning bid for a total of 99cents (not including postage). Ha. :) They are a pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans and are 13's, so it shouldn't be long at all until I'm in those! Very cool. And that concludes my ebay purchases.

Cro's 2nd interview takes place at 9 this morning. I'm wishing him luck!!!!! If he doesn't get it at least getting a second interview is a sign that good things might be just around the corner. I so hope he gets it. He bought a few items of much needed new clothing yesterday for the occasion.

My company is STILL looking for another designer to help me with workload. Don't they realize that I haven't had a large enough workload to keep my-own-self busy for the last two weeks? I'm sure it will pick up but will we be able to maintain two of me on a continuous basis? FRET. WORRY. FRET. FRET. FRET.

I didn't feel hunger pangs until about 3:30 this afternoon, and so ate the cheese crisps. I must say that cheese crisps don't really satisfy hunger pangs, btw.

Breakfast - 7carb/280cal
[3carb][190cal ] peanut butter
[4carb][90cal ] half cup LC chocolate ice cream

Lunch - 15carb/230cal
[15carb][170cal ] Atkins Advantage Smores bar (mmm, these are actually rather good. the "graham cracker" filling has a slight pleasing crunch that I wasn't expecting.)
[0carb][60cal ] 12 cheese crisps

Dinner - 11carb/502cal
[5carb][190cal ] one serving of Dreamfields pasta (first time trying this)
[0carb][92cal ] 1oz lean ground beef
[5carb][40cal ] small amount of pasta sauce
[1carb][180cal ] 2oz cheese

TOTAL 33carb/1012cal


  1. second interview is a great sign! luck luck luck!

  2. thanks Carlos! He emailed a little while ago and said he thinks it went very well. The company is doing more interviews through Thursday and so should be able to tell him something by end of this week or the beginning of next. hope hope hope!

  3. I'm happy to hear that the second interview went great! I'll hope for the very best. :-)

    Good job on the jeans. Thanks for the cheese cracker review too. I love reading reviews. They give me ideas about new things to try and also to avoid. Really helpful, I think.

  4. Thanks for backing us with some good hopes, Harry. We could really use some good fortune for a change. I'm excited about the jeans mostly because I can't believe I won them for 99cents. That and it will be so cool to have a pair of 13's to step down into next. The cheese crisps are great. I suppose the pricey factor is due to cheese being a higher cost product than potatoes. I paid $3.99 for a 1.75oz bag but I didn't shop around for a better price.

  5. Cheese chips, new jeans, and a great interview. WOWZA! =) I have thought about making my own cheese chips but worried about the greasy factor.

  6. Yes. So far it's been a day to say CHEESE! for. :) And tonight I get to see Adam perform. YAY!


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