Saturday, May 9, 2009

Early this morning, when nothing much was on cable that wasn't an infomercial, I found a channel with some diet-type shows. One show was just ending so I didn't catch the name. It was regarded teens crash dieting for the pageant circuit. Interesting to see how they would eat nothing at all for days but when asked, lie and say they ate some cottage cheese and fruit. The moment the pageant was over the winner wanted to go out for a large meal to stuff herself until she was groaning with stomach pain. Satisfied for the moment she commented "ok, tomorrow it's back to starving for the next competition".

The next program was called "Fat Camp" and was a slice of life at a real teen fat camp. The kids were not really into getting fit. They were however into hiding food, smoking behind the unpopular (and therefore lesser used) buildings, and teen drama.

Can't say I cared for either program. Suppose I'm beyond the target market. :)

Today I'm trying to decide what "side dish or salad" to take for my cousin's reception cookout. Maybe I'll pick up a tray of boneless wings, celery sticks, blue cheese and ranch dipping sauce from BW3's. I'm not going to the wedding to eat and I'm sure BW3's will be a hit with everyone else.

Breakfast - 3carb/258cal
[0carb][68cal ] quarter serving of turkey
[3carb][190cal ] pb

Lunch - 0carb/0cal
[xcarb][xcal ] none

Dinner - 15carb/430cal
[12carb][240cal ] LC chocolate ice cream
[3carb][190cal ] pb

TOTAL 18carb/688cal


  1. I was going to watch some TV this morning, but you've got me afraid that I'll land on "teen fat camp" during my channel-surfing and then my whole day will be blown. Hope you're happy!

    Have a good time at the wedding.

  2. You could always watch the South Park Fat Camp episode on youtube instead. Much recommended over teen fat camp!

  3. yea Fat camp, I think that is an unfortunate tv show on mtv I saw once. all about the drama of being fat. LOL I have enough of my own drama!

  4. See that's what DVR are for, you record all the cooking shows off FTV and then watch when nothing else is on...giggle Nothing like Robin Miller or Ina Gardner at 3am

    I'm with you on Chicken wings, I love em. I usually use chicken legs instead, they are cheaper and make my own. Sometimes I cut up chicken breasts into strips and go boneless...giggle My fav is Dana Carpendars Herion Wings... to die for

  5. The only weight loss show I sometimes watch is Blaine Jelus' old cooking show. I watch and I wonder what in the world ever happened to him. Hmm.

    The wedding pics were cool. Thanks for sharing them. :-)

    Hope you and Cro have an eggsellent weekend!


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