Sunday, May 10, 2009

I just spoke with dad

After talking to a nurse and getting the usual "he's doing well, but there hasn't been much change" response, I asked if I could talk with him if she thinks his clarity is good enough. Oh yes, she responded. Gee, why couldn't they have just told me that in the first place.

So I spoke with dad this morning, at first wondering if he would know who he was talking to. Well YES he did. He had perfect clarity, no sign of delirium at all. He was my normal, intelligent, but very weary of all that he's gone through, dad.

Words can't describe how happy and relieved I feel right now. Tempered with sadness regarding that weariness and knowledge that it's still going to be weeks and weeks and weeks to recovery.

Considering that I've been wondering if I would ever hear my dad speak without delirium again, and contemplating what life would be like for him and for all of us from here out, this feels like a true miracle.

**update to that.
I just spoke with dad again and he is strongly delusional. He was telling me about three suspicious individuals that were in Alabama, getting on a plane. He wanted the number to the other airliner to report this incident. He said it has something to do with this Andy Griffith series and that the number is 1-234-567-8910 star pound. Then he said the nurses around there won't help him get ahold of the airliner and asked me if I would call them. I just agreed to do so, not knowing what else to say but wanting dad to know that I'm on his side and that he can count on me. Then he said ok, give me a call back nomatter how it turns out. I agreed, told him that I love him, he said that he loves me too, nomatter how this turns out. :(

Perhaps he just needs more time. Perhaps he truely is brain damaged now. I just need to try not to think about it for awhile.

**update 2.
Talked to mom finally. :) She is having a good mother's day, spent the night at my sister's place and is meeting her sisters for lunch tomorrow. She said that she experienced a similar thing with dad yesterday and thinks its a medication that they give him that is causing the delirium. She says that he was perfectly clear of mind yesterday morning but was delirious by midday. It made me feel better talking to mom and I was able to wish her happy mother's day too.

Breakfast - 3carb/261cal
[3carb][190cal ] pb
[xcarb][71cal ] an excellent egg

Lunch - 6carb/460cal
[3carb][190cal ] pb
[xcarb][170cal ] LC ice cream bar
[3carb][100cal ] very small amount of roast beef with a couple of bites of cauliflower

Dinner - xcarb/xcal
[xcarb][xcal ] nothing

TOTAL 9carb/721cal


  1. That is so good to hear that you talked to your Dad today. Sounds like he just needs to gather his strength back up. Is he too far away for you to visit him?

  2. Now that I know he isn't too delirious and sedated to even know I'm there I will definitely be making another trip soon!

  3. awesome news on your dad. you must be so relieved!

  4. I'm happy to hear that you spoke to your dad. It could only help him - hearing a loving voice.

    I sure hope that the second call was the result of the medication. I think your mom may be right about that.

  5. Oh Oct,
    I can't imagine how dishearting that second call must have been. I'm wondering if it's not the meds too, because if it were true brain damage it would seem more likely that it would be all the time and not hit or miss. Mom's been having a few "episodes" lately too. I don't know if she's hulicinating or what. There have been a couple of times someone has come into her room and she's talked to them and then the nurse on duty said no one came in. I really think from her telling that maybe the nurse just didn't see them come in, because it's at night and they are doing normal things like changing the bed or answering a call she's made. But after reading about your dad, I have to wonder.
    Remeber to be hopeful and that your dad is in God's hands.

  6. Thanks all. It was very good to talk to him and hear him call out my name in happy recognition. I didn't know that I would ever hear that from him again. Mom emailed this morning and said that dad had a very good day yesterday and mentioned that he had spoken to me. My cousin Marty and her husband went by to see him after Loren's wedding too. And dad's friend Jim called him later that day. Since he remembered all of that with pleasure, that is a great sign.

    I thank you all for caring about me! That means so much.

    Vikki, your mom is still in my prayers too. Another one of Loren's sisters, my cousin Linda, recently had bariatric surgery and suffered a blood infection which put her through a scary ordeal. Linda made it through just fine, though it was a long and frightening thing to go through. It gives me hope for both of us to know that there are people who bounce back from situations as bad as these.

  7. that is good news. I'm so glad your dad had a good day. Everyone one of those is to be treasured, and you now know he still knows and loves you.
    Prayers for all our parents and families. Not to mention us! giggle
    Take care girl,
    Hugs and blessings


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