Friday, May 29, 2009

i know it was a short week, but ...

Friday. Hurrah.

I am looking forward to getting home tonight so the weekend can officially begin. Several projects were given to me yesterday, two of which are due next Wednesday, so perhaps today will go by quickly. Next week is shaking out to be another hell week but that means I won't have any time to be bored ... I just hope there will be time to get proper sleep each night.

I wore the Tommy size 13 jeans to work today and they don't feel bad at all. Jeans are so forgiving in that they can feel too snug when first put on and loosen to a perfect fit after just a couple of hours of wear. nutrition facts database that I just found.


  1. 97 pounds is AMAZING! You should be SO proud! And congrats on the jeans also. That's awesome. Size 13 is pretty small!

  2. Penny - thanks :)

    Carlos - I posted a pic of them last week. One is enough :P

  3. Oct,

    You've made so much progress this past year! I've only known you for part of that time and I can clearly see it.

    I hope you'll give yourself the much due credit you deserve. Just pretend that one of us had lost 97+ pounds in a year. How would you feel about them? Pretty impressed and proud, right? So just transpose that feeling onto your own experience! :-)

    Hope you both have a lovely weekend!

  4. Harry - Hope your weekend is fabulous too! When I think back to how sad I was at this time last year, I feel amazed that I am here with a 97 pound loss too. I am proud but also cling to you guys knowing that the success is so fragile and so very hard-fought to achieve. I'm proud of all of you bloggers who keep at it, regardless of how difficult it is and how slow it may go. Just the fact that you all keep on blogging about your efforts keeps me motivated too. So a big thank you to each of you. Now I'll go back to grumbling about how far I still have to go, lol. *kidding*


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