Saturday, May 16, 2009

i'm a winner :)

To my surprise there was a package in the mail for me today from Serious Strength Personal Training Studio. "Hmm, what could this be?" I thought to myself. Inside was a letter:

Dear Tracy,

Congratulations on winning Jimmy Moore's 4th Blogiversary Contest. Here's a signed copy of my book. I hope you enjoy!

Fred Hahn

Wow. Thank you Fred and thank you Jimmy! Included with the letter was a signed copy of Fred Hahn and Michael and Mary Eades' book, The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution. How exciting. :) I will give it a thorough read.

Breakfast - 6carb/380cal
[6carb][380cal ] peanut butter

Lunch - 9carb/276cal
[8carb][180cal ] 1 cup LC chocolate ice cream
[1carb][72cal ] 18 spicy chipotle peanuts

Dinner - 19carb/396cal
[0carb][136cal ] half a serving of turkey
[10carb][80cal] 10 brussels sprouts
[8carb][180cal ] 1 cup LC chocolate ice cream
[1carb][72cal ] 18 spicy chipotle peanuts

TOTAL 34carb/1124cal


  1. Can't wait to see what you think. I've considered ordering it for a while. Please, if you can do a review of the book when you get through. I for one would really appreciate it.
    Have a great weekend and Congrats on winning!

  2. Thank you Vikki girl. I will do you one better than a review and will send the book on to you once I've finished reading it. (just email me with your address)


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