Friday, May 15, 2009

into the wishing well

Cro has a job interview today. I hope he gets this one ... I think we deserve a break of good fortune for a change!

I came home yesterday to find him in a distraught mood because he couldn't find his wedding ring. He was so distressed about it that there was nothing I could do or say to make him feel better. He is a complicated man. It didn't bother me nearly as much as it bothered him. Maybe it stems to his rotten childhood and how he's lost so many things in his life that mean something to him. I tried consoling him and reminding him that the ring is just a symbol, a thing, and not the marriage itself. He knows that but he was still making himself sick worrying about it. I asked why it was having such a hard effect on him. All he could say to explain were the words "Because I lost it."

The wedding rings mean a great deal to me too but the depth of his feelings about losing it was more than I could understand. I gave him lots of reassurances that I wasn't at all angry at him for losing it, but like I said, he's harboring something deep that I can only guess has to do with how many important things (beyond material objects) he has lost throughout his life.

The ring has to be in the house somewhere. The cat probably saw it on Cro's desk or night table and batted it onto the floor, continuing to play with it until he suffered a case of kitty-boredom or until he batted it into a spot that he could no longer reach. Cat's do things like that. Maybe the ring was a little token for the kitty wishing well so that Cro gets the job. :)

Breakfast - 13carb/320cal
[3carb][190cal ] peanut butter
[10carb][130cal ] apple Atkins bar (meh)

Lunch - 18carb/263cal
[12carb][220cal ] Atkins bar (same lunch all week)
[6carb][43cal ] All-Bran Rolled Fiber wafer (rather disgusting, wish I hadn't ate it)

Dinner - 6carb/550cal
[6carb][550cal ] 3 kosher beef franks with onions and 1 slice of cheddar

TOTAL 37carb/1133cal


  1. My cat would have pawned the ring and bought catnip and tinkly little toys with the cash. He's bad!

  2. I sure hope Cro gets the job. Fingers crossed. Ditto on the wedding ring. :-)

  3. Jack - lol. My cat is bad too, but he knows I luv him so he can get away with it.

    Harry - thanks! He got a call already to set up a second interview for Tuesday of next week. We are very hopeful!

  4. i've lost my ring so much the wife buys them in 3 packs each one as special as the rest. i saw a john deere commercial last night and thought of you guys.

    good luck to cro on the interview

  5. Carlos - even better if they are chocolate rings! Oh wait, no. Thanks for the good luck, we'll take it. :)

  6. XX crossed fingers for the 2nd interview! Has Cro retraced his steps to remember where he took his ring off last? I concure with Carlos, whenever I see freshly cut grass I think of you and JD.

  7. JD is sulking because it looks like rain. Cro has retraced his steps and looked for hours. I still think the cat must have batted it into some unreachable (for the cat) spot. I think it will turn up. Thanks for the luck for second interview results. oh I hope hope hope!

  8. i'm wishin' for cro too!

    183... WOO HOO!!

  9. Praying for great news next Tuesday! You're right y'all are due some good news.

    I understand his emotions over the lost ring. Or at least I understand why I would have been the same way. Your correct it is more than the rings, for me it would be more about losing something that valuable to me, like I wasn't even able to hold on to something important, it wasn't taken from me, I (big I) lost it.
    When you've had so many things taken from you, it makes it that much worse when you lose something.

    Anyway, that's how I would feel, but of course I'm not Cro but it might give you a little insight into one of the many reasons it could be.
    Hoping and praying it shows up soon!
    Hugs to you both

  10. Thanks laura (that's my sister's name. :) Our family pronounces the lau part like La as in lalala (singing). My sister prefers the way her friends pronounce it. The laur rhyming with Door.

    Vikki, I think I totally understand the way he feels after you explained how you would feel. Losing the ring is another personal failure to him. :( Thank you for helping me understand him better. And thanks for praying for good news. :)

  11. Your more than welcome. I hope it helps and I'm still hoping and praying for great news come Tuesday!


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